A Trap for the West, or Why They Are Afraid of & Do Not Understand Us

NEW – July 20, 2022

American comedian Dan Soder in his stand-up miniature answers the question: “What if, for example, in New York, punks accost you?”

“Whenever someone ever might beat me up or mug me, I fake a Russian accent. You’re welcome. It’s genius. I’ll be walking home late at night. 2 dangerous looking thugs walk up to me like, ‘Yo. Man. You know what neighbourhood you are in?’. ‘You think this is bad neighbourhood?’ I ask with a Russian accent…”

I heard about the same story from one of my friends who wandered into the “wrong” area of Paris in the evening and just told the excited punks that he was Russian. It was all over before it started.

In general, there are a lot of similar stories, many are heard and it is pointless to bring them here. Moreover, they reflect only one side of the question: the fear of those from whom it is unclear what to expect, which, in fact, is a consequence of something deeper, incomprehensible and deeply irrational.

Once I tried to get to the bottom of the reasons where I focused on the Russian language, which is characterised by a paradoxical variety and, most importantly, a very contradictory perception among foreigners. How it turned out is not for me to judge, but for the reader, I will repeat the conclusion here:

“In general, it seems that there is no smoke without fire. By all appearances, paradoxicality is an inherent property of the Russian mentality, formed by the unpredictable Russian language.

Judge for yourself: we are surprisingly hardworking and amazingly lazy, we are stingy and wasteful, we are extremely unpretentious to the ability to survive in any extreme conditions and at the same time love comfort, we are courageous to heroism and often extremely indecisive, which is easy to confuse with cowardice, we are individualists and collectivists, we are cruel and merciful, we are weak and unattainably powerful, we are conservative and revolutionary, we are inventive and stereotyped, we are brilliant to the point of idiocy, we are, finally, Europeans and Asians at the same time.

And it is not necessary to say that the described properties are to some extent inherent in any peoples and ethnic groups, and that Russians are no better and no worse than others. Actually, it is not at all about who is better and who is worse. We are just different. We live in a parallel world in relation to everyone, and no one could ever understand us at all times, because we are completely unpredictable!”

Further, to get to the current events, I will remind you of one famous statement attributed to the famous “iron chancellor” Otto von Bismarck, who knows the Russian mentality well:

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“Never fight with the Russians. They will respond to each of your military tricks with unpredictable stupidity.”

Doesn’t it fit perfectly into all these endless stories about those from whom you don’t know what to expect?

And now the question is: why do the unprecedented sanctions that have fallen on Russia lead to the opposite effect? After all, it is obvious that the special military operation, launched on 24.02.2022, quite predictably should have caused a furious reaction from the West, which, in fact, saw in the special operation a reinforced concrete reason to finally drop the masks under the most plausible and win–win pretext – helping those who were attacked by aggressive Russia.

The answer, in my opinion, lies in the fact that not only the goals, but also the means of realising these goals are beyond the rational perception inherent in most observers and participants of what is happening on the global chessboard, where Ukraine, although important, is only part of a multi-layered action that goes far beyond the horizon of events.

Judge for yourself: a purely local special operation instantly led to tectonic shifts that affected almost all the foundations on which the notorious and familiar for billions “world order” sat tightly. The confrontation with the West has intensified to an extent that no one expected at all and comparable (albeit conditionally) to the Caribbean crisis.

At the same time, it is obvious that no one wants to cross a certain line and will not. That is, there is clearly a precisely calculated risk on the verge of bluff, drawing more and more forces and means into its funnel, primarily from the West, which, as it seems to them, is increasing the pressure with all its might, under which Russia is about to break and ask for mercy.

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And what do we see from our side of the barricades?

And we see a leisurely and systematic grinding of everything that the West hysterically throws on the battlefield, draining its warehouses and counting on a turning point, which still does not happen simply because it cannot happen, since it was not originally part of the initiators’ plans.

I emphasise: at this moment in time in Ukraine, consciously, with small forces and means, without forcing events in the form of rapid breakthroughs, total denazification and demilitarisation of the whole of Ukraine, and at the same time the most aggressive part of the West, are taking place. This greatly facilitates the future work to restore order in the failed state, which is maximally cleared of weapons and the most rabid neo-nazis, when all this “good” will simply burn in the flames of hostilities in the southeast.

Here is why no one touches the so-called “decision-making centres” either in Kiev or outside of it and outside of Ukraine. The longer the regime lasts, the more its weapons and supporters will burn, the cleaner the Ukrainian land will be.

Moreover, while the special military operation is dragging on, there is an increasing likelihood of reflexive steps by the West and its most hysterical part in the form of, for example, Poland, which at some point, realising the futility of efforts to lure Russia to its conquest, may finally decide to throw its units into Western Ukraine, where they will also quickly burn without a trace. And at the same time, no 5th article of NATO will be involved by definition, which will finally show the world the price and the inflated strength of this alliance with already emptied armouries.

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It is clear that, to some extent, this scenario directly and indirectly works for the purposes of the Anglo-Saxons, who also set the task to weaken the European Union as much as possible, up to the desirability of its collapse. Overseas, it even began to reach that it was time to hold their horses and start easing sanctions. It’s as it is, but I think they just don’t know yet that the train has left and the future world configuration is already being drawn, in which they will get little in the European wreckage, and they themselves will be irreversibly pushed to the sidelines of civilisation with all their printing presses and virtual GDP.

In parallel, the parasitic essence of the entire collective West – accustomed to robbing the natives, at the expense of which they build their well-being, based not on their own resources, but on pumping them out from all over the world – is being exposed more and more.

Virtual soap bubbles are being blown away, system-forming enterprises are going bankrupt, inflation is accelerating, devaluing incomes, worthless cut paper is handing over entire regions that are switching to mutual settlements in national currencies, cities are being shaken by strikes and riots, Western power structures are not able to make any adequate anti-crisis decisions.

And all of this against the background of a calm, monotonously hypnotic and almost daily repetition, which helps to assimilate the inevitable: “The goals of the special operation will be achieved.” It’s just that no one is going to report on the true goals to the West and was not going to.

But they could live in peace, fare and make good. All that was needed was meet the Russian proposals of December last year on ensuring mutual security.

Or was there also an accurately calculated estimate that they would categorically disagree? They will not agree and will fall into a trap at full speed, which they themselves will start slamming out of fear.

Aleksandr Dubrovsky

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