A UAF Militant Brought a Live 82mm Mortar Munition Onto a Public Bus in Nikolaev

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In the afternoon on Friday, June 22nd, at the “Central Market” public transport stop, near the “Golden Age” jewellery store in Nikolaev, police officers detained a former serviceman who transported a 82mm mortar munition in a plastic bag.

As “Novosti-N” reports, the former ATO participant wanted to sell the mortar shell. He met up with the buyer at 6 Slobodka Street, they boarded minibus No. 75 together and went towards Namyv to examine the goods and to sort out payment. However, the potential buyer had called the police beforehand.

At the “Central Market” stop, near the “Golden Age” shop on Central Avenue, police officers caught up with the minibus and detained the ATO militant together with the munition.

The munition turned out to be a combat one, and in addition the detonator worked. Any careless movement could have blown the minibus and its passengers into pieces. Bomb experts were called to the scene and the munition was neutralised and taken away for disposal.

The detainee said that he served in the 72nd brigade of the UAF as a Senior Lieutenant. He served in the ATO zone at the front line for 2.5 years.

“I wanted to give this munition to the museum so that everyone can see what the separatists send to us,” said the serviceman.

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