A UAF Soldier Revealed the Truth About the Fake “SBU Disarmament” Video

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the wake of material about the disarmament of “Right Sector” and the sensational video showing the “disarmament” of the “Arrata” battalion, a UAF solder wrote:

“I am one of the participants of the shooting of this video. I decided to tell people about this story because our command has once again deceived us.


So, here it is. The filming of the video took place at one of the UAF training bases. I won’t name the specific place because then it will be real disclosure of a military secret. No real employees of the SBU were there or even nearby. All the participants of the video are UAF troops. The order to film the video was given personally by the commander of the ‘Operation of United Forces’ General Nayev, as we were told by our commander. He said to raise the prestige of the army and so that the President is convinced that the war in Donbass is better off directly led by military personnel than SBU employees. Special attention was paid to the phrase ‘F*cking Banderists’. Because of this phrase we had to do four takes and wasted four empty smoke grenades.

I am not worried about being found after writing this letter. It is unlikely. Too many people participated in this video and even more people knew about it and saw the photos that were separately taken for the report to command. I have also sent some of these photos to you.

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