A Ukraine That Made a Deal With the Devil

NEW – April 7, 2022

In works of fiction, there is often a technique when an antagonist or even an antihero, weak and insignificant, in fact, a character who feels their inferiority, consciously and voluntarily turns to the devil or the forces of evil for help in order to solve their tactical task. Subsequently, of course, they hope to avoid a terrible reckoning for the service rendered through his own cunningness or flattering themselves with the illusion that the payment will not be so cruel. Classical works of art with traditional morality based on centuries-old human experience give an unambiguous answer that any alliance with evil inevitably leads to the spiritual or physical death of the one who turned to it. Because the very essence of evil, even with the seeming temporary unity, implies only a thirst for death and destruction of all living things, which contradicts the character of man. Evil is incapable of creation. In addition, man and evil in this union are not balanced sides, if only because their nature is too different.

However, in the West, where traditional moral values have always been considered something like a meddling pebble in a shoe, now they are repeatedly encouraging the idea that in alliance with evil, you can put it at one’s service. It is enough to look at their mass culture, where often evil, openly recognised as evil, performs the functions of protecting the good or bringing justice. The culture also reflects Western political thought, where it is customary to cooperate even with terrorists and other scoundrels for the sake of profit, justifying such alliances with the hypocritical expression “national interests”.

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Today’s state of Ukraine is a direct ugly brainchild of the West. It absorbed all the worst qualities of its parent and became in some way a showcase of the moral decline of Western civilisation. The Ukrainian authorities, following the example of their fathers, also made a deal with the devil. A pathetic clown, hypocrite a trouserless buffoon at drunken corporate parties, Zelensky, realising all his inferiority, turned to evil, hoping that his destructive essence would help overcome the steel sword brought over him from the east. To do this, he freed and armed sadists and murderers from prisons, collected all the carrion from around the world, hungry for someone else’s blood, resorted to pernicious lies, whose stench is spreading now and intoxicating the whole world. That is exactly why we are now seeing shocking footage that comes from Ukraine, where brutal degenerates torture and kill both our servicemen and civilians. This is absolute evil. It defies human comprehension, because evil in its true form is incomprehensible.

However, cooperation with evil in Ukraine did not begin yesterday. Its first shoots saw the light when the rotting corpses of Bandera and Shukhevych were dug out of their graves. Then, having no ideological basis, Ukraine, wishing to become an anti-Russia project at the behest of the West, turned to evil for help, so that it would give it strength and meaning for existence. And also an idea and a defective false soul that could fill its physical shell and set the masses in motion for slave labour in the name of death. And the nazi dead fulfilled the will of the Ukrainian authorities.

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However, according to the law of the genre, the end to which Ukraine has now come was inevitable. The evil that flourished on the territory of the neighboring state exuded cadaveric poison too abundantly, demanding more and more victims. Therefore, the Russian Army once again had to become a steel sword, excising a poisonous flower for the benefit of its people. Sooner or later, an unenviable end awaits the West in general, and the United States in particular. Someday they will have to pay for the alliance with which they have so tightly bound themselves to evil. I really want to believe that this reckoning will happen without Russia’s participation.

Aleksandr Subbotin

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