A Ukrainian Banderist Insulted a Czech Journalist Who Was Filming the Mourning Event on May 2nd in Odessa

In Odessa on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, a supporter of the 2014 coup opposed the mourning action at the House of Trade Unions and accused a Czech journalist from “Raptor TV” who filmed the events in the city live on the air of “conducting Putin’s propaganda”.

In the same place there were also police officers. The foreign correspondent was interested in why they did not do anything concerning the aggressive provoker, who tried to say that the victims of the May 2nd massacre were “pro-Russian terrorists”.

The police were asked to “remove the provocateur” and other participants of the mourning event that took place on the anniversary of the Odessa massacre in the House of Trade Unions. However, the police did not take any actions other than giving admonitions to the questioners themselves.


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