A Ukrainian Blogger Called to Napalm Donbass and Sow Rapeseed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian blogger Svyatoslav Stepkin (aka Gorky Luk), also known as the husband of the “lover of lacy panties” from Euromaidan Olga Znachkova, stated that there is a need to cover Donbass with napalm and to sow rape seed on it, because “unneeded” people live there.

“When we say ‘we want to return Donbass’ — do we want to return the territory or the people? Answer yourself. Have you seen these people? People from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant went there and installed electrical cables in the frontline settlement. How many people told them thanks? Nobody. How many of them started to love them after this? None,” noted Stepkin.

Coming back to the earlier arisen discussion concerning the “quality of the population” in the east of the country, the blogger said that the “marginalisation of Donbass” began not in the 1990’s, but in the 1930’s — “against the background of the depopulation of Ukraine”. After this applause sounded in the hall.

He called this process the opposite to the Europeans conquering the American continent: i.e., it’s not the British who came to America and started building their forts and the railroads, but the Indians – who landed in England and “started to put their wigwams near Plymouth”.

“We need to understand: do we need these people or do we need the territory?” the blogger again asked himself. “If it was down to me I would cover everything there with napalm, and in 5 years rapeseed would grow there,” concluded Stepkin to the applause of the participants of meeting.

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“The territory and the population is not the same thing. If the territory is good and the population is not, then the choice is obvious,” he later wrote on his blog. “Burn a hectare with napalm, and in a year people will again appear there. But not the same people,” he added.

As the local “gorod.dp.ua” website reports, the second festival of bloggers “Dnepr’s post” took place in the Dnepropetrovsk within the framework of the program of the mayor Boris Filatov “Cultural capital”. It is noted that funds for this event “were provided by patrons and sponsors who support the program of the mayor”.

Filatov gained scandalous popularity due to his statements concerning Crimea, which in 2014, after the coup d’etat in Kiev, refused to recognise the new Ukrainian authorities and, according to the will of more than 95% of the participants of a referendum, reunited with Russia.

According to the politician, in order to prevent such a situation there was a make any promises to “bastards”, and then “hang” them. Later Filatov’s account on Facebook where he wrote the corresponding post was removed by the administration of the website.

Comment of the former Ukrainian deputy Nikolay Azarov

The punisher of the Kiev regime suggested to cover Donbass with napalm and sow rapeseed.

Have you noticed how the rhetoric of the Kiev regime concerning Donbass changed? If earlier the corrupt Kiev media from all TV screens went on about the need to return the territories and the population, then now the content of textbooks sharply changed.

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They unanimously started to say that it is possible to limit themselves to territories – that it is easier and cheaper. Probably, the Kiev regime decided that the full dehumanisation of the residents of Donbass will be cheaper than investing in the future billions of hryvnia for the complete restoration of its infrastructure and industry.

The “blogger” that came out from some unknown cache [a Banderist hideout – ed] became another mouthpiece of the Kiev regime. I suggest to listen to his short speech and to evaluate the extent of the degradation of the Kiev regime and its henchmen.

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