A Ukrainian Government Official Accused St. Nicholas of “Separatism” in Zhytomyr

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Zhytomyr there was scandal with someone who performed the role of Saint Nicholas in a lodge near the city’s main Christmas tree. This was reported by the head of the department of culture of the city council Nina Ryabenko.

“After the unacceptable situation that took place on December 23rd we decided that Ruslan Moroz will not work in Saint Nicholas’ lodge. We already found somebody else who will perform the role of Saint Nicholas”

wrote Ryabenko on the Facebook page of the Zhytomyr city council

A video of the conflict with Moroz was published by the member of executive committee of the City Council Vera Grinishina. The official wrote that on December 23rd a family was at the Christmas fair and saw that “Ruslan Moroz – a supporter of the ‘Russian world’ who is well-known in the city -“ was working in the residence of Saint Nicholas.

“I will remind you that Moroz is a member of several pro-Russian organisations in the city, in particular – the press secretary of the ‘Russian commonwealth’. Also, Moroz actively protects the separatist Muravitsky who is being trialled in Zhytomyr for state treason” added Grinishina. Moroz reacted aggressively, shoved her, and voiced insults towards her when she asked who hired him as Saint Nicholas.

At the same time, Moroz disproved these accusations and reported that he does not work any more as Saint Nicholas, since he was replaced with somebody else. Both Grinishina and Moroz contacted the police.

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