A Ukrainian Journalist Let Slip How Fake Footage Is Made in the “ATO” in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The journalist Andrey Kulikov described on the air of Channel 5 how the Ukrainian media covers the events in the East of the country.

According to Kulikov, his colleagues in Kiev don’t see what is happening in the conflict zone, and the articles that are published by Kiev media agencies don’t reflect the essence of events in Donbass.

“One and a half, maybe, two years ago I was in Kramatorsk on ‘Do TeVe‘, at the time it was Donetsk regional television. I for the first time watched the news that they were making there. Of course, I had grievances about technologies, but this news made by people who live there about people who live there differed very much from what we see <…> on the central channels [in Kiev – ed],” noted the TV host.

As Kulikov said, Ukrainian TV channels show “an incomplete picture” of the events and use staged footage.

“The work that is done by the film crew, which appeared there for one or two-three days, in part, including with staged footage or real footage, but ordered footage all the same, doesn’t create a full picture,” stressed the journalist.

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