A Ukrainian Journalist Visited Russian Crimea and Struggled to Find “Repression”

In what is another blow for NATO propagandists and their Ukrainian banderist bootlickers, the journalist of the Ukrainian “strana.ua” website – which is constantly being persecuted by Petro Poroshenko since it doesn’t toe the anti-Russia line as obediently as the junta would like – Olesya Medvedeva visited Crimea and saw with her own eyes the changes in the region after it rejoined its Motherland – Russia.

Medvedeva starts her report whilst being on the territory of Ukraine. Having noted the state of disrepair of the roads on the Ukrainian side, she crosses the Russian border.

Russians, of course, entrenched themselves definitively. In Ukraine it is some feeble yellow-blue wagons, but in Russia it resembles what a check-point should look like

Having travelled across the territory of the Republic, the journalist dispelled the myth about the “oppression” of Crimean Tatars on the peninsula, specifying that since 2014 no less than five mosques were built in Crimea.

Medvedeva remained dissatisfied with the problems with cellular communications and the Internet, having noted that Ukrainian operators do not work on the peninsula.

In addition, she noted that she decided to check the reaction of the FSB and sang a Ukrainian song, however the reaction of law enforcement bodies “upset” her.

“They aren’t working hard enough. Where are they looking … a woman sings Ukrainian songs. With impunity!” she said, surprised by the reaction of the Russian police.

The guest did not dare to ask Crimeans about the peninsula’s belonging, since she was afraid of receiving an “aggressive” reaction from locals.

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Having spent one day in Crimea, Medvedeva came to the conclusion that this territory factually lives under Russian laws. “In five years the cities have integrated into Russia rather strongly,” she concluded.

The journalist noted that she considers Crimea to be Ukrainian, but she is ready to come to the region on personal circumstances, despite her political position. It should be noted that this is only part one of her video series on her trip to Crimea. It is hoped that she will be able to publish her second part without the SBU raiding the “Strana” office for “infringing on the territorial integrity of Ukraine”… by filming reality.

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