A Ukrainian Journalist Visited the DPR

The journalist of the Ukrainian agency “Strana.ua” [owned by a Ukrainian oligarch – ed] Ekaterina Terekhova visited independent Donbass and shared her emotions from this short visit.

The first conclusion of the author – in the space of 5 years the residents of Donbass have developed their own life that completely differs from the Ukrainian one.

Of course, it would be surprising to hear a different opinion.

5 years of murder, bombing, and destruction hardened Donbass. People were reborn and became stronger than steel. While the residents of Lvov, Zhytomyr, Rovno watched the war on TV, sitting on their soft sofa with a beer in their hand – tons of deadly metal fell on the residents of Donbass. And only when another Ukrainian punisher joined the ranks of the “heavenly hundred” did his parents begin to realise that there was a war going on. And every resident of Ukraine, reacting calmly all these years to the fact that the Ukrainian army kills women and children in Donbass, bears personal responsibility in particular.

The journalist is struck by the ideal roads in the DPR:

Kilometers of road leading from the ‘Uspenka’ checkpoint to almost Makeevka were perfectly repaired after the active phase of the war. It is not a patchwork, but it was re-done anew. Donetsk is rather clean and tidy. Caretakers sweep sidewalks, and road services lay down asphalt.

The author talks about the banking sector of Donbass, stressing that in recent weeks all enterprises of the DPR started to move to the Russian system of bank accounts. With regards to the payment of utilities, in Ukraine they are twice as high as in Donetsk.

Separately, the journalist talks about the patriotic spirit that permeates the young republic.

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Everywhere on poles the flag of the DPR is flying, there are a lot of billboards on the streets of Donetsk with the image of the former head of the Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko, who perished as a result of an explosion.

At the beginning of September a movie in memory of Zakharchenko titled “His Stronghold” was presented. The display at the city’s cinemas was free. Also the author noted the education system in the DPR.

Ekaterina Terekhova’s quote:

“It is worth separately highlighting the school program that children now study in accordance with. The only thing that remained in it from Ukraine is two hours of Ukrainian and two hours of Ukrainian literature per month. In history, geography, and natural studies there are no mentions of Ukraine. Schools learn the subject ‘The History of the Motherland’, where an emphasis is placed on Donbass. For example, the names of the modules are ‘Great Russian Revolution of 1917’, ‘Russia and the Donetsk Region during Civil War’, ‘USSR during Stalin’s modernisation. Features of modernisation in Donbass’, ‘USSR on the eve of and during the Great Patriotic War’, ‘USSR and the Donetsk region in the period of the thaw’, ‘Donbass in 1991-2013’, and ‘Formation and development of the Donetsk People’s Republic’.

And in Donbass there is a new school subject that is in the program of all classes – “Lessons of Civil Consciousness and Spirituality of Donbass”. Textbooks on this haven’t been published yet: the material is in an electronic format.

Quote of a Donetsk teacher:

In these lessons we learn the history of our region, we talk about our symbols, about what Donbass can be proud of. We also say that our choice is Russia, and we want to be integrated there, but currently our country is the DPR and each of us writes the history of the Republic today.

And this is correct!

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Donbass is a Russian region. Donbass is a future federal district of Russia. Why do children need to know about Ukraine? All they need to know is that Ukraine is the first Nazi state in the 21st century with a Banderist ideology. And the fact that Ukraine attacked Donbass and occupied a part of the territories of the LPR and DPR.

The author took an interest in if the residents of Donetsk continue to support the football club “Shakhtar”.

The answers of football fans upset the Ukrainian journalist:

“As it turned out, most of the inhabitants interviewed by us no longer support Shakhtar. People give different reasons. Some consider that the owner of the club, Akhmetov, is a traitor who sold out to Poroshenko. Some support Zenit St. Petersburg since Yaroslav Rakitsky was transferred there from Shakhtar, because of which he was expelled from Ukraine’s national team. And Anatoly Tymoschuk, the former captain of the Donetsk club, also works there as a trainer.”

I want to say something.

The time will come when “Shakhtar” Donetsk and “Zarya” Lugansk will meet in the final of the Russian Cup at the stadium in Simferopol!

And I will be at this match!

Without fail!

Vladimir Karasev

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