A Ukrainian Militant Killed a Mariupol Resident for Not Knowing the Ukrainian Word for “Bread”

NEW – April 10, 2022

A Ukrainian militant killed a Mariupol resident: he could not answer what “palyanitsa” (“bread” in Ukrainian) is.

This word is used by members of the territorial battalions throughout Ukraine to calculate “saboteurs”. One of the captured military of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Anton Cherednik in the testimony of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR told how he fired at a man with an automatic burst for this.

Another militant, Anton Baydrakov, shot a resident of Mariupol because she refused to go out with him to another location:

“I say: ‘Let’s go somewhere nice…’ To which she says, ‘No, I’m not going anywhere.’ To which he took off the safety and fired a shot from a AKC at her.”

He took the body outside. Later, Baydrakov showed into which pit he dropped him: “I was a little scared, it was a little bit interesting how it is — a man dies.”

The video was provided by military commander Andrey Rudenko.


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