A Ukrainian Militant Posted a Video of the UAF Shelling Donbass and Boasted About “Laying into Separatists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



A video showing the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling the territory of the DPR was posted by the former head of the Ukrainian “Azov-Crimea” battalion Stanislav Krasnov on his Facebook page.


“The other day ours really laid into the separatists. Enjoy the video of the process from the quadcopter. War goes on without interruption during holidays, without weekends and lunches, without football, parades, Eurovision, and New Year. Remember this when walking on the Khreshchatyk with ice cream,” it is said in the description underneath the video.

The deputy of the DPR parliament Vladislav Berdichevsky in a conversation with Politnavigator assumed that the video shows the moment one of the settlements is shelled.

“The American masters won’t allow Kiev to stage a real offensive… The purpose of regularly shelling our settlements is also clear – to create severe humanitarian conditions and panic moods,” said Berdichevsk

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