A Ukrainian Nazi From “C14” Wounded a Woman Near the Vatutin Monument in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Galina Kulik, one of the victims of the skirmish with Ukrainian Nazis from the C14 group controlled by the SBU that broke out the day before in Kiev during a flower-laying event at the monument to General Vatutin published a photo of the militant who sprayed tear gas in the woman’s face and gave her burns.


“Help me and my friends find this scumbag! Since the current police and authorities don’t protect the people, but only raise and feed those like him, we will have to defend ourselves. And we won’t now allow anyone to attack elderly people, women, and children! I registered a statement with law enforcement bodies as a victim. The verdict of doctors is enclosed in the report: 2nd degree burns to the eyes and a chemical burn on the face,” wrote Kulik.

According to the “Women for Peace” organisation that Kulik is a member of, the militants during clashes at the monument knocked her to the ground whilst shouting and sprayed tear gas in her eyes, and then ran away. Doctors gave a diagnosis: 2nd degree burns and a 1st degree chemical burn on the face. During the conflict the police remained idle.

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