A Ukrainian Propaganda Film About Donbass Was Shown at the Cannes Film Festival

Translated by Ollie Richardson



On May 9th, at the international Cannes Film Festival the premier screening of the Ukrainian propaganda movie “Donbass” made by the director Sergey Loznitsa [also known for his biased propaganda movie “Maidan” – ed] took place, and it will take part in one of the competitive programs of the festival. 
This was stated in the program of the event.

“The Ukrainian-born director Sergei Loznitsa enjoys playing with the documentary genre. Following Krotkaya (A Gentle Creature), shown In Competition in 2017, his sixth feature film in the Official Selection recreates the war in Donbass using amateur war videos,” wrote the organisers of the festival about the director.

“Donbass” is a joint propaganda product of Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, and Romania. The movie tells the Ukrainian version of events concerning what has taken place in Donbass since the coup d’etat in Ukraine, the beginning of the Russian spring, and the war that Ukraine called the “ATO”.

“The focus is on people who were forced to adapt to life in conditions where institutes of power, as well as family and professional relations are cut; when things cease to be called by their proper names,” wrote the co-producer of “Arthouse Traffic” about the movie.

The movie will be shown at the festival three times on May 9th, its screening kicks off one of the competitive programs of the festival – “Un Certain Regard”. The general public is seeing the movie for the first time.

The release of the propaganda movie “Donbass” in the Ukrainian box office is planned for 2018.

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