A Ukrainian Propaganda Movie About “Holodomor” Was Included in the Main Competition Program of the Berlin International Film Festival

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The movie Gareth Jones co-produced by Ukraine, Poland, and Great Britain will fight for the main award of the prestigious Berlin Film Festival, which will take place from February 7th to February 17th. This was reported by the State Agency for Movies of Ukraine on its Facebook page.

“We are grateful to the organisers of the Berlin international Film Festival for the opportunity to take part in the official competitive program. ‘Gareth Jones’ (MR. JONES) is indeed a very strong, emotional, and extremely important for today’s world, especially for our country and its history. But the movie has not only powerful festival, but also high spectator potential. We wait for the world premiere in Berlin and we will keep our fingers crossed!”

reported the department, citing the words of the producer of the film Egor Olesov.

According to the head of the State Agency for Movies of Ukraine Filipp Ilyenko, this movie has importance not only for national cinema, but also for the entire state, as it will help to inform the world about the Ukrainian view on the mass famine of the 1930’s, which the current government of the country consider to be genocide.

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