A Ukrainian Soldier Who Surrendered Spoke About the Shock He Felt Due to the Kindness of the Russians

NEW – March 17, 2022

The Russian military treats the prisoners very well and does not try to mock them or show an inhumane attitude. The corresponding statement was made by the UAF soldier Andrey Khomik, who was captured near Kiev.

The roads around Kiev are still used mainly only by the Russian military. Locals do not travel between towns and cities – it is dangerous.

These are the roads on the front line. It is not very safe to move around yet – and it is advisable to do it in vehicles with armour. Like, for example, this one. This is a “Tayfun” car, the correspondent of “Izvestiya” Leonid Kitrar showed.

The roadblocks around Kiev only seem hastily made. In fact, concrete blocks and earth mounds represent a well-thought-out defense system. It is impossible to say something about the arrangement of roadblocks, but it’s possible to say something about disguise. This is an ordinary sandy slope, and from 10 meters it is impossible to notice that a tank is hiding here.

Trucks with food, water and medicines for Ukrainian villages move along the same roads. And in the forest on the left and right there are still separate groups of nationalists armed with machine guns and “Javelin”.

“We were on duty at night. Two flashes were visible in the forest. They opened fire with machine-gun fire. The movement towards the second post began. From there, the tank’s machine guns worked. And the breakthrough began in the forest,” the machine gunner said.

The soldiers at the checkpoint were not injured as a result. And we managed to keep the bridge intact. Ukrainian units, when retreating, blow up the crossings after themselves in all possible ways.

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“On the first day we came under mortar fire. Also, from time to time, incomprehensible citizens climb and walk somewhere in the forest. We are stopping them,” the commander of the checkpoint said.

Very often such people pretend to be local residents, they do not show any aggression, on the contrary, they behave as friendly as possible. But in fact they cooperate with the nationalist battalions of Ukraine.

“Once we examined a local resident. And he has a group on his phone in which they record data about our troops,” the commander noted.

Based on the data obtained in this way, Ukrainian strategists are trying to attack Russian forces. But in the end, many Ukrainian military men simply give up. Andrey Khomik from Volyn was drafted into the army. Very soon he was wounded and went not to his brothers in arms, but to the Russian fighters.

“I surrendered myself, the battle began, I surrendered. I was wounded. Where? In the shoulder. Help was provided. Surgeons helped,” Khomik said.

Andrey experienced the strongest shock not even from pain, but most of all he was struck by the attitude of the Russian military. Apparently, he expected to be treated much worse.

“I want to tell the rest that if Russians are captured, do not mock them. I got hit, and they treat me well. They do not offend, they feed, they give to drink, they give to smoke, they provide medical care. They don’t mock us like ours do,” said Khomik, addressing the other military of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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There are dozens and hundreds of people like this guy. For them, the fighting is over. And, apparently, they are insanely happy that they will no longer have to risk their own lives at the whim of the commanders and the Kiev authorities.


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