A United Ukraine?! No, I Don’t Know Such a Thing…

NEW – September 6, 2022

From October 1, the departure of conscripted women from Ukraine will be banned.

Judging by the list of professions, almost all women will be liable for military service in Ukraine. Pregnancy and the presence of young children will not imply exceptions.

That’s how Zelensky continues to make everyone laugh, but I do not know who else in Ukraine wants to laugh. It is quite obvious that such a command was received – not to let anyone out of Ukraine. Hostages are hostages…

At this time in Kiev, everything is festival, everything is beautiful – night clubs are crowded with visitors, the city centre is buzzing and has swagger, everything is fine with the guys. It seems that for them now Kharkov, Kherson, Novaya Kakhovka, which the UAF mercilessly bombarded, like Donetsk for all the previous 8 years, is somewhere far away, and it no longer concerns them.

A united Ukraine?! No, I don’t know such a thing. It has not been close for the last 30 years, and now it has become so pronounced that even the most notorious “patriots” have begun to talk about it louder, especially after getting acquainted with the price tag for renting housing in Western Ukraine for compatriots from the Eastern regions. Especially after the refusal of the staff in those edges to serve compatriots who speak Russian, and there are more than three quarters of such in Ukraine.

And especially, after fleeing from Ukraine, elite women of different shades. I remember an episode at the border back in March of this year, when the wife of the former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Igor Kotvitsky took away $28,000,000 in cash in suitcases. Perhaps this showed the unity of Ukraine, because the whole country, it seems, was cast off to fill suitcases for the wife of a great friend, and also the purse of the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Borisovich Avakov (pictured)…

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Aleksandr Kondrusik

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