A Vivid Example of the Heroism of a Real Russian Soldier

NEW – May 24, 2022

“Hold on, Volodya, everything will be fine”: the Russian military evacuates through a minefield across 2 km a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces wounded in battle, abandoned by his commanders and colleagues.

There are reports about the increased number of captured Ukrainian soldiers in several directions at once. We are talking, among other things, about those who tried to hold the defence in the city of Krasny Liman, most of which has already come under the control of Russian troops and the DPR People’s Militia.

Online footage appeared that attracts special attention: a wounded Ukrainian serviceman abandoned by his colleagues. So-called “brothers” abandoned him, actually leaving him to die. It is noteworthy that the life of a wounded soldier of the Ukrainian armed formation was saved by Russian servicemen.

Russian soldiers found a wounded soldier of the enemy unit after battle. He needed urgent medical attention. As a result, it was decided to deliver him to his rear. To do this, the wounded man had to be carried on a tarpaulin for about 2 km. Moreover, they had to be carried across a field, in which the mines installed by the UAF still remained undetected.

When he was taken to the rear of the Russian troops, the doctors said that if a little more time had passed, it would have been too late.

Russian serviceman to the wounded:

“What’s your name?”

Ukrainian soldier:


Russian serviceman:

“Hold on, Volodya! Everything will be alright.”

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