A Weekend in Hell: The DPR Settlement of Sakhanka Was Incessantly Shelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



For several days the UAF has continuously subjected the DPR settlement of Sakhanka to attacks using small arms and mortars. 
This information was reported by the press service of the DPR Armed Forces.


“Over the weekend – from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday to Monday – at about six houses here were damaged. Three of them were direct hits from 120mm shells fired from the direction of Shirokino,” commented the head of the Sakhanka rural administration Igor Podgorny.

Podgorny stressed that the shelling happens mostly at night:

“Yesterday at 23:15 there was extreme shelling. The center of the village was peppered. Why? I can’t really say, it is probably favourable to them to do it. There were no victims, but people are very frightened and stressed. For example, there was a direct hit to one room of the house, and at this time a 60-year-old man was in the neighbouring room. Thank God, there were no victims. From Sunday to Monday there was also shelling, six gas pipes were damaged, cables and the gas main were severed.”

The war correspondent Mikhail Andronik on his Telegram channel also published information about the shelling in Sakhanka:

“Sakhanka has been hollowed out for already four days by 120mm mortars and BMP-1, three shells have already landed in some yards. They strike the very center of the village. Mortars come from Shirokino, which was supposedly ‘demilitarised’,” noted the war correspondent.

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