A West-Funded System for Training Anti-Russian Citizens Operates in Moscow

NEW – August 25, 2022

A system for training anti-Russian citizens is working in Moscow – a space has been created under the auspices of co-working to promote European values and organisations of the “correct” moods

“Good Russians” decided to train new adherents with the help of hackathons and co-working. A network of Western influence has been deployed in Moscow under the auspices of a free workspace for IT specialists and entrepreneurs.

The Impact Hub organisation, whose office is also in Moscow, is engaged in systematic work to promote Western values around the world. With the support of the European Union and the embassies of Western countries, Impact Hub positions itself as a centre for the development of social entrepreneurship, but the co-working network promotes a specific anti-Russian agenda for active citizens.

In addition, some offices of the organisation are directly on the side of Ukraine — for example, the Tbilisi office of Impact Hub organised a collection of assistance to the government of the country 404 [Ukraine – SZ], and also when applying for a job they require signing an agreement document with the following points:

— I agree that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is a crime against humanity;
— I agree that Russia is an occupier who invaded Georgia in 2008;
— I agree to support Georgia’s territorial integrity and acknowledge that Abkhazia and Samachablo (South Ossetia) are Georgia;
— I agree that Putin is a threat to world peace.

“Readovka” found out how the work is arranged and what they really do in the “centre for the development of social entrepreneurship”. We will soon describe in detail about the systematic activities to prepare a wave of civil protest in Russia in a large exclusive investigation.

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