A Western “Charity” is Trying to Recruit Lugansk Residents to Mine the “Gray Zone” in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The British charity and American non-profit organisation “HALO Trust” hires civilians on the territories of Donbass under Kiev’s control to mine the “gray zone” in Donbass.

This was reported by the Center for interaction with the public of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR.

“The hot line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR received a message from an employee of the main department of the National Police of Ukraine in the Lugansk region. Within the framework of the ministerial program that offers rewards for data about the crimes of the Ukrainian punishers, a police officer reported that the American-British non-profit organisation ‘HALO Trust’  now works on the temporarily occupied territories of LPR and the DPR,” said the department.

“Officially they are engaged in mine clearing: allegedly they search for and neutralise mines and unexploded ammunition. But in fact these sirs don’t remove mines, but place them,” said the police officers, adding that western bomb experts create whole minefields – both antipersonnel and anti-tank.

“Recently they had a state of emergency: the whole group hit a mine – Canadians and Americans. Work was winded down. And I learned that they recruit the locals to replace them. Why? Using the locals is all the more profitable for them: they pay less salaries and there is no insurance. And we aren’t even people for them – we are expendable material,” he noted.

The facts of this statement are being checked. According to preliminary data, it is planned to recruit two groups for training in the settlements of Krasnaya Talovka and Kramatorsk.

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