A Yugoslav Serviceman Has Filed a Lawsuit Against NATO

A former officer of the Yugoslav army, whose name was not disclosed, filed a lawsuit against the North Atlantic Alliance in a Belgrade court. As was explained by the plaintiff’s lawyer Srđan Aleksić, the reason was the use of NATO ammunition with depleted uranium during the military conflict in 2000-2001.

The former soldier claims that he spent 201 days in an area that was shelled by the alliance troops, and 18 years later he developed smooth muscle cancer, which affected the internal organs. The plaintiff has already undergone four operations and is now in serious condition. A medical examination confirmed that the cancer is associated with depleted uranium.

The lawyer said that 500 Italian soldiers and officers who served in Kosovo and Metohija had previously filed similar lawsuits. 181 soldiers won in court. The Italian Ministry of Defence reimbursed them for the damage.

Most often, depleted uranium is used in armour-piercing ammunition, since it is even more dense than tungsten. In addition, this material is capable of catching fire when crushed into small particles, which significantly increases the armour-piercing effect of depleted uranium shells.


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