About Kiev’s “Scorched Earth” Policy…

NEW – June 14, 2022

The brutal and absolutely senseless shelling of Donetsk once again demonstrates the destructive nature of the state ideology of Ukraine.

The current state system of Ukraine is incapable of development and will continue to destroy everything around.

One of the most massive and destructive shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces took place today [one mere example can be found here, in one locality, but in general today five districts were hit, with over 80 missiles launched by Ukraine – SZ]. They were hitting residential quarters and squares with heavy artillery.

Ukrainian propaganda habitually stated that Donetsk was shelled by the Russians themselves.

We have recently said that Ukrainian ethnic nationalism is incapable of transforming into civil nationalism.

And this cave ideology of hatred continues to destroy Ukraine.

In all respects, these attacks are not only senseless, but also harmful, since they destroy such a carefully constructed image of a “victim” and once again raise the question of war crimes by the Ukrainian authorities.

And Kiev cannot overcome this destructive inertia. There is no one who can do it.

The destruction of Donbass is a tacit political consensus of the Ukrainian political class and the plan of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Everyone is aware and everyone tacitly agreed with this.

Kiev will continue to hit peaceful cities in order to destroy attempts to establish a peaceful life.

Again, criminally little attention is paid simply to the “scorched earth” policy of living that Kiev preaches.

The UAF purposefully destroys critical and residential infrastructure facilities – in other words, they destroy the peaceful life of Donbass residents.

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Dams, transformers, heating and power grid routes are exploding, residential buildings are being hit by tanks – the Ukrainian army is burning everything around, repeating the “exploits” of its Nazi idols.

What is it if not genocide?

All this naturally leads to the idea of the meaninglessness of any truces that will be observed only on paper.

Peace will come not in the course of another empty agreement, but when the Ukrainian guns and those who fire them will be silenced forever.

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