About Russia’s Victories in the Kiev Direction

NEW – April 4, 2022

The withdrawal of the Russian army from the territories of the Kiev, Chernigov and parts of Sumy regions caused an unprecedented howl from the swamps from bloggers who fancied themselves as strategists and sofa warriors who fancied themselves as politicians. Total ignorance suddenly came out in the absolute majority of those who made themselves popular in the reviews of the operation of the Russian Federation. A strategic decision inaccessible to their great minds due to the lack of both political and military education plunged the populists into shock. Some even began to demand the disclosure of strategic information to the ignorant public (who foolishly imagined that they had the right to know!) in formulations that are accessible to their understanding.

The General Staff and the leadership of the Russian Federation have no time to confess to the enraged underdogs, so I will take this work on myself.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what these territories are. These are mainly agricultural areas in which Ukraine was associated with embroidery, kolyadka and trips to work in rich Kiev. Kiev itself was a vacuum cleaner that drew in resources from all over Ukraine, both by filling the state treasury through taxes, and with the help of various huckster firms that received preferential taxation in Kiev.

Having come to Kiev, the Russian troops treated the local population quite correctly. In some places they destroyed UAF troops, in some they distributed humanitarian aid, in some they just demonstratively passed by in passing before the eyes of onlookers. But near Kiev and in the city itself, they made a serious commotion. This commotion solved several problems at once.

  1. The criminogenic situation was disrupted both in the city itself and in its surroundings. The mass distribution of weapons by the huckster authorities to anyone armed the chain dogs of the Kiev regime with organised gangs. Along the way, letting them off the chain. It is unlikely that it will be possible to take them back under control and seize the weapons distributed uncontrollably from the Kiev authorities. And the gangs that got their hands on small arms immediately decided, not unreasonably, that by distributing weapons the Kiev regime gave them the right to looting.
  2. Both spongers of the state trough and commercial spivs have urgently escaped from Kiev. Along the way, leaving the average Kievan without a job. Who is the average Kievan? Machine operator, technician, metallurgist? The average Kievan is maids, hairdressers, waiters, housewives of branded flea markets fed from the hands of dealers involved in the looting of state trough and just financial dealers calling themselves top management. Somehow it became bad for the average Kievan. They followed their masters to the west. Simultaneously improving the health of the population of Kiev. It is very doubtful that the spivs will decide to return back to Kiev, rightly believing that the Russian troops may be near Kiev again at any moment. And where to go back? To a city overflowing with gangs dividing territories?
  3. The population of the abandoned regions met their Ukrainian “liberators”. And suddenly it turned out that instead of slender columns with discipline and humanitarian aid, under the chanting of the anthem of Ukraine, looters of territorial battalions, mixed with mad SBU officers, who grab anyone who comes to hand, descended on the settlements. The local population suddenly saw the face of the real Ukraine, freeing themselves from illusions. After a couple of months of such “liberation”, it will pray for the arrival of the Russians.

    The same thing happened in Bucha. The local population knows exactly whose handiwork it is.
  1. The loss of control over the criminogenic situation allowed gangs to organise from scattered criminals into large packs. Systematic pitting by slipping intelligence and mutual compromising will allow them to significantly weaken by pitting against each other, which in turn will weaken the criminal situation by the second coming of the Russians. The Kiev regime will not take such an action because it “controls” the occupied territories with these gangs in the absence of regular UAF units sent to the south. I think demonstrative street battles between gangs with looting in between them will raise the Ukrainian patriotism of local residents.
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Meanwhile, while the population of the northern regions of Ukraine is maturing, in the Donetsk, Kharkov and Nikolaev directions, Russian troops will methodically grind the remnants of regular units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

I hope I have popularly explained what is happening in the north-east of Ukraine.

Sergey Chernyshev

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