About Slavyansk, Kharkov & Ukraine’s Announced “Counteroffensive”

NEW – July 12, 2022

Our enemy continues to lose controlled territories, and is taking revenge on the civilian population of the DPR for this.

Over the past day, they have killed and wounded civilians — one dead and four wounded.
31 residential buildings and seven civil infrastructure facilities were destroyed and damaged.
Over the past day, the enemy has fired 454 units of ammunition at residential areas and civilian objects.
As of today, the shelling of the DPR continues — the Petrovsky district of Donetsk is under fire.

1. According to the situation at the front, it is worth noting several directions. Grigorovka is taken in the Seversk direction — this is a village on the right bank of the Seversky Donets. This locality is located at a dominant height, but Seversk itself is in the lowlands. From Grigorovka there is an attack on Serebryanka. There is a possibility that the strategy of small cauldrons will be applied in Seversk and the city will be cut off from the rest of the groups if the UAF does not leave it before they fall into the cauldron. Why can they leave it? The city has a very unfavourable geographical position: it is located in a lowland. When the hills around the city are occupied, the garrison in this city will have a losing position. By the way, both Soledar and Artemovsk are located in the lowlands — even nature itself has predetermined the outcome on this “Maginot line” for the UAF.

Also in the Seversk direction, the 25th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has significant losses – the Ministry of Defence reports that it has already lost more than 70% of its personnel. In the Slavyansk direction, the capture of the settlement of Bogorodichnoye in the area of the Svyatogorsk Lavra – this is the right bank of the Seversky Donets – was reported. Now the main goal is to capture the settlement of Sidorovo. Our forces are gradually approaching the iconic city of Slavyansk, one of the main symbols of Novorossiya.

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From the Kharkov direction, the UAF will not be able to hit the Izyum group in order to disrupt the advance to Slavyansk, in this direction the enemy already has defensive tactics. There are battles for Stary Saltov on the right bank of the Seversky Donets. Moreover, the Ministry of Defence reports on the work of high-precision weapons in Kharkov: in the Osnovyansky and Slobodsky districts of Kharkov, about 250 nazis and up to 25 armoured and automotive vehicles were destroyed.

2. Despite supplies from the US and Europe, the UAF has problems with weapons at the front. The enemy began to use mortars of various calibers. Photos of 60-mm Taiwanese munitions that are loaded into Yugoslav 60-mm mortars have appeared on the web. Iranian mortars are also appearing, which, of course, were supplied to Ukraine not by Iran, but by the Americans. In general, weapons disorder is already beginning at the front of the UAF, which is no longer good for critical situations with the lack of interchangeability of shells/cartridges/elements. But it’s even better for us.

3. Now about the rumours of a counteroffensive from Vereshchuk. This is more like an attempt to psychologically influence the residents of liberated cities and towns. Ukraine understands that there is no conflict between the population and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in either the Kherson or Zaporozhye regions. Cities have returned to the old rhythm of life, and in many it is already quite safe. So, this coming harmony needs to be destroyed. Moreover, we understand that referendums will be held on all these territories.

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So this is an attempt to intimidate the local population, to make people live in fear. After all, if these were real plans, then they would not be pompously announced in advance. It is possible to increase the shelling of the territory in support of this thesis — but, again, it is possible.

In the current situation, the UAF does not have sufficient human and technical resources for counter-offensives on the scale that Vereshchuk is talking about.

Daniil Bezsonov

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