About that NATO Bomber Near St. Petersburg…

NEW – March 13, 2023

At the time of the flight of the NATO bomber, I was in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi), where I went for a week to hike a little in the mountains and go skiing. Now I have returned home and I will start getting into the working rhythm with this most discussed news.

I think everyone heard it: a NATO bomber flew over the Baltic and manoeuvred 200 kilometres from St. Petersburg.

This aircraft is capable of carrying nuclear weapons and, moreover, they say that it was its launch that the bomber practiced. Trained, that is.

Naturally, this whole story was sewn with white threads from the very beginning. Some call it an act of intimidation and even aggression, but it is quite obvious that:

A) A nuclear attack is not carried out by one aircraft. If we really start this, then with the most massive raid;

B) A nuclear attack does not begin with airplanes at all. According to the US doctrine, thousands of conventional cruise missiles fly there first, then nuclear missiles are launched from submarines and from mines, and after all this, planes come into action that “finish off” what is left.

In general, those who are versed in the subject understood that the flight of a bomber is just a “zilch”. An information attack, but not a real military threat. What is this attack for?

There are many reasons to give. For example:

A) Switch attention from the negative news about the collapse of the American bank (wow, sanctions against our banks, and they have bankruptcies. A miracle!).

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B) To demonstrate readiness for the escalation of the conflict (to demonstrate both to us and to Europe. Like, that’s how strong we are and we don’t leave you. We are not dumping it yet).

C) “Punish” Russia for suspending its participation in the START-3 treaty;

However, of all the options, I personally see the following as the most significant:

D) Respond to the vivid demonstration of Russian “Kinzhal“.

Let me remind you that 6 “Putin cartoons” were launched a few days ago and all 6 hit targets and all intelligence recognised this. It was not possible to shoot down the missiles and no one will succeed – this is hypersonic, not Biden on a bicycle.

In general, Russia has demonstrated that it can, if it wants, guarantee to destroy any target anywhere in the world (taking into account the presence of other “cartoons”). But it doesn’t do that yet. Whether out of humanity, or maybe out of cunning and strategy, it does not matter.

It is important that in the USA they suddenly realised that they do not live behind an armoured door, but in an aquarium with thin crystal walls. Neither the Atlantic, nor air defence systems – nothing – will save them if Russia suddenly wants to hurt.

Naturally, they had to somehow demonstrate that they, too, were still “wow!”. That they can also do something else.

Honestly: the demonstration was so-so. To “show off” weapons from 30-40 years ago against the latest hypersonic systems that the United States itself simply does not have and is not expected is like demonstrating a bow and arrow against a submachine gunner. Yes, it’s a dangerous thing, but no one is impressed anymore.

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For understanding, a “Kinzhal” with a nuclear charge is capable of vaporising any airfield in Europe faster than anything larger than a pigeon will take off from it. So a real escalation for NATO will not be an easy walk.

I explain on my fingers

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