About the Appearance of Iranian Drones…

NEW – September 23, 2022

1. Today has become the day of the most massive use of Iranian drones in several areas at once. This was an extremely unpleasant surprise for the enemy, who had already suffered significant losses from kamikaze drone pinpoint strikes before.

2. Despite a couple of downed drones, several reached the target, including destroying one of the local decision-making centres in Odessa. The object’s air defence seems to have completely failed in this case.

The picture grew together, the strikes on Odessa were corrected by the Qods Mohajer-6 drone, so that the Shahed-136 struck where necessary.

It’s a shame that it fell into the sea, but it’s nothing, with proper management and assembly line, the UAF will quickly remain without serious air defence means. They will learn more.

3. It is important to understand that Iranian drones are consumables. They pay for themselves even if only a part reaches the goal due to the cheapness of their production, which is embedded in the very concept of Iranian drones, which provides for the possibility of assembling them even in the theatre of military operations itself, as is happening in Yemen.

4. Accordingly, if in Russia the production of these machines, especially the “Gerani-2”, has already been established, then due to the obvious weakness of the tactical air defence of the UAF smeared on a huge front, their effectiveness will be no less than it was in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

5. To the Iranian comrades, of course, thank you for your assistance. I think, as a “gesture of goodwill” (in the good sense of the word), it would be possible to declare the year of Russian-Iranian friendship in 2023-2024 or, say, to erect a monument somewhere in Russia to General Qasem Soleimani (the most popular Iranian hero, not counting Ayatollah Khomeini), who did a lot to develop the Iranian drone program, not to mention the fact that it was largely thanks to him that Russia sent troops to Syria.

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Colonel Cassad

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