About the Exaltation of Banderist Murderers…

Following the exaltation of murderers who are already dead – Bandera, Shukhevych, Melnik, and other Nazi henchmen and so-called fighters for the freedom and independence of Ukraine – the current fashion is the glorification of real murderers who have committed a serious criminal offence and are hiding from punishment.

Thus, the scandalous moronic Ukrainian nazi Dmitry Korchinsky urged Ukrainians to hide information about the location and movements of the individual who killed a person (Roman Dzhumayev) the other day in Mariupol.

Moreover, Korchinsky asks the citizens of Ukraine to render all possible help in hiding the murderer from law enforcement – money, transport, a shelter, and even a prayer.

According to Korchinsky, the killed deserved his punishment since he was a “vatnik”.

How false propaganda has blinded and infected many Ukrainians with hatred! The impunity of such scum already generated new Nazi morals, which grant its bearers the right to kill and plunder because they are “patriots”. Killing a pregnant woman or a child or beating up a 90-year-old veteran – if it was made by a so-called “patriot”, it doesn’t cause a strong reaction to reject such a crime neither in society nor the state. Defenders immediately appear: the “patriot”/”activist” lost their nerve, they were shellshocked, but the person who they killed or beat up is a “vatnik”, “kolorad”, “separatist” – so it means they deserved it.

But think about it – “separatist”, “vatnik”, and “kolorad” are the same citizens of Ukraine that you are. They are our compatriots. It’s just that they have different moral values.

And what do you think: after “separatists”, “vatniks”, and “kolorads”, who will they come to kill?

If we don’t put an end to the spreading of such morals, then we will never win against this wave of crime!

Nikolay Azarov

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