About the Hysteria Surrounding the Tragedy of the Tehran-Kiev Flight

While the hysteria surrounding the tragedy of the Tehran-Kiev flight continues, I have a few questions.

1. The elimination of Soleimani is recognised by NATO countries as legitimate? Is such a way of action therefore permissible for other countries?

Is it necessary to present evidence after liquidation, or is it enough to say that there is secret information?

2. What is the effectiveness of US air defences during an attack of Iranian missiles on US military bases?

Did anyone compare the effectiveness of US and Syrian air defences based on analysis of the US missile attack on Syrian bases and the Iranian attack on US ones? Destruction? Damage?

3. How is the presence or absence of malicious intent determined in the downing of a civilian aircraft as a result of air defence operations in a conflict zone?

4. Who determines the conduct of an international tribunal in such tragedies and how?

5. Is the President of the United States equal to the Pope of Rome and is every word he makes now considered the truth in the first instance? And if yes, then what about Ukraine-gate and the Burisma affair?

6. Does the State of Iraq have the right to demand the withdrawal of American troops and bases from its territory?

Vladimir Solovyov

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