About the Independence Day of Ukraine and the Current Tragedy

NEW – August 27, 2022

About the questions “What are ordinary Ukrainians to blame for?” and “Do they deserve it?”

I am sure that no one deserves to die at the hands of another person, not even criminals. “Collateral” death from shells and missiles, even more so. The military, by mobilisation or by their understanding of their duty, too. The savagery of a person killing another person will never become either “normal” or “natural” for me, and I sympathise with the victims. I don’t know what this emptiness growing inside is called and often I don’t know what to do with it.

But about responsibility…

Unlike children, adults should be responsible for the consequences of their decisions and actions. It is convenient to say that “nothing depends on me”, but in civil matters it is always washing your hands. We massively deceived ourselves during the years of perestroika. We had a brain and memory and even a good education, but we allowed ourselves to be manipulated.

First on, and then in Ukraine, we were able to live side by side with the wearers of shirts with the inscriptions “Thank you, God, that I am not a Moskal”. We thought they were joking so badly, but they weren’t joking. There weren’t many of them, but they turned out to be more purposeful and organised than us. We allowed it.

When these evil spirits seized power in 2014, we did not consider who they were, although it was all written in large letters on their obscene faces. Instead of immediately turning the whole of Ukraine into a new and final Maidan and overthrowing them, we sang a song with them about porridge and then went to see the golden toilet of Yanukovych.

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We have seen how the CIA becomes the masters of the SBU, and how the US government takes over our country. Due to our still Soviet education, we could not help but know who the United States is in the world and what their “help to governments” is, but we again believed in propaganda for idiots or simply went to our hut from the krai.

When a few of us, crying out in the Ukrainian human desert, in despair and loneliness called on our compatriots to immediately overthrow this government, because it brought us an inevitable war, friends cut ties with us, our neighbours stopped greeting us, we were attacked by “activists” on the streets and in every possible way we were squeezed out of the country, which suddenly ceased to be ours.

While we saw the inevitability of today’s nightmare and called for taking to the streets and using all possible, but preferably non-violent methods, to change the government, good people, our relatives and acquaintances, told us that not everything is so clear, that we need to see the good, that our young democracy has flaws, and we are nostalgic for Soviet “fanatics” and “extremists”.

To see today’s bloody inevitability, it was not necessary to be rocket scientists, it was enough just to look in the direction of one’s own history, where no one wanted to turn. Like a child doesn’t want to look at a broken cup.

Just as the Germans are to blame for Hitler’s democratic rise to power, and the Russians for Yeltsin’s victory in the rigged election, which turned the Russian Federation into a colony of the “civilised world” for a long time, ordinary Ukrainians are absolutely responsible for the destruction of their country by someone else’s power…

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I do not know what’s next, but after the mass support of arrogant statements about our special European identity, this crying about what we are guilty of is an indicator of infantilism of consciousness, excluding any cause-and-effect relationships.

Oleg Yasinsky

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