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NEW – August 21, 2022

Stalker Zone presents two takes (both published on August 21) on the murder of Aleksandr Dugin’s daughter, Daria, which happened on the night of August 20-21

Is terror against a philosopher a valid instrument of war for them?

Yes, this time has come.

They could not apply terror to the Russians and the Russian idea as long as our culture was strong.

It took years and years of external and internal influence to transfer everything Russian, including Orthodoxy, into the category of first flawed, then canceled, then persecuted.

I note, of course, that in precisely their matrix, not the whole world. In the matrix where nazis rule in Estonia, calling for the abolition of monuments, history, and visas to Russians – just how can one be a nazi without privileges in enlightened Europe?!

Delicate, patient, relentless work.

The work of reducing us to the level of the acceptability of our murder.

Firstly, they cultivated a part of the nation, Ukrainian, now they began to transfer the virus of the destruction of the idea to our community.

So that we get used to the role of a “permissible” victim.

Terror against a philosopher and thinker, and mind you – a columnist in such an important field of information warfare as the Telegram channel “Nezygar” – is terror against the spirit and essence of the resistance of the Western model.

Of course, in the meantime, they will find a performer from among Ukrainian saboteurs.

But it is obvious that this terrorist act was created in the laboratory of psychological warfare against our nation.

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In hot pursuit, some propose to make a monument out of the living Dugin. No, let’s just restore our memory. There, the innocently murdered Daria will find her pedestal.

Stop imitating patriotism, it’s time to start the reconstruction of the society that we have almost lost. With the full participation of the ruling elite. Maybe it’ll wake up now?

Image of the future

It is clear that those who ordered the assassination attempt on Dugin’s daughter are sitting in one of the two Anglo-Saxon capitals.

Why the daughter is also understandable. Sadistic logic. Killing Dugin means making a cult figure out of him. But to kill a daughter is to make a person suffer, to weigh. The death of a child is one of the most difficult trials for a person, in which they will always blame themselves, regardless of the circumstances of what happened, because they weren’t watching close enough. Here is the intention. From this it follows that Dugin’s car was driven for a long time and they waited for the moment when her daughter was alone in it. And then such a case turned up – after the festival “Tradition”.

No matter how strange it may seem to someone, but the reaction of the authorities should be the same – the absence of a reaction. Condolences, yes. Investigation and punishment – yes. But no more. Only later, and even then, not everyone will pay attention, the news that somewhere in cozy British mansions such and such exploded. The reason is domestic – the explosion of a gas cylinder.

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It is clear that Ukrainians are only the arms. This is about the question of decision-making centres. War, fully-fledged war, not the Special Military Operation, getting closer. There is a need to answer. But how? What happened is a typical provocation with the aim of throwing off the rhythm, knocking down the implementation of the plan, forcing the enemy (in this case, us) to switch to an exchange of blows, in which only one can get a chance to slip through, and move away from the methodically implemented plan.

Accordingly, we only need to strengthen our line of conduct. Play our game and by our rules. It is necessary to psychologically break the Anglo-Saxons, as the Red Machine once did in hockey. Subtly, surpassing with talent and the power of the Spirit, periodically spreading it on the ice.

Yury Baranchik

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