About the Situation in Nikolaev, Occupied by Ukraine

NEW – August 15, 2022

What happening there in Nikolaev:

The lull of the past week was replaced by the fierce shelling of industrial zones in Nikolaev. Explosions sounded again in the Southern Turbine Plant area, in Zaichevskoye and in the Novozavodskaya area.
The water situation is becoming unbearable, more and more houses and entire neighbourhoods are disconnected from the water due to the destruction of networks caused by salt water supplied directly from the estuary.

Against this background, an outburst of indignation was caused by information that Aleksandr Senkevich could not really report on where the 56 million allocated for the restoration of water supply had been spent.

The water conduit, of course, was not restored, water is pumped without purification directly from the estuary, they drilled from a dozen and a half wells, in which the water, according to the head of the city water canal, is just as salty … but where is the rest of the money? Where, where, in the pockets, who needs it, what do you, as little ones, do not understand?

Oils were also added by the head of the “Nikolaev Parks” utility company, who reported with a blue eye that they had already stolen (oh, spent) 17 million since the beginning of the year on green spaces, and plan to spend almost the same amount (steal). It’s time to mow lawns (or money) in front-line Nikolaev.

Against this background, the intention of the head of the Department for CULTURE (!!) to rename Pushkinskaya Street sounded almost imperceptibly. There is no need for Nikolaev to have a street with that name. It was through Russian Nikolaev that Pushkin passed on his way to Odessa, it was in Russian Nikolaev that there was a monument to the great Russian poet, and Nikolaev will have another street named after Gnilosyrov (there really is such a Ukrainian poet).

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After the shelling, the oncoming flow nevertheless became weaker than the flow of those leaving, and Nikolaev becomes even more deserted. Huge unemployment contributes to this – Vitaly Kim [the Gauleiter appointed by the Kiev regime – SZ] has already admitted that 80% of the townspeople have lost their jobs. Not surprisingly, on the notice boards there are invitations to work as a full-time economist with a salary of 6,500 hryvnias (dirty!), the tax in Ukraine is 19.5% (18% – income, and 1.5% – military tax), which means that a person in the hands will receive 5,230 hryvnias – 8,600 in rubles. Taking into account the price of a minibus, which has doubled (up to 14 hryvnias), a person will only have enough for bread and water. However, one can count on humanitarian aid. It is no longer given to everyone, in the general queue. Not enough for everyone, of course. Only according to the lists of social services. But Baptists, evangelists and other American and European “churches” turned around with humanitarian aid. With packages of cereals and bottles of vegetable oil, they attract new adherents, it is clear that in a time of general poverty, they have new opportunities to spread their influence much more widely than in a well-fed society.

And of course, the explosion of discussions in local publics was caused by the news about the creation of a military civil administration in Snigirevka and the appointment of Yury Barbashov from Nikolaev as the head there. He himself is from Nikolaev, many people know him, and everyone understands that Barbashov’s appointment to Snigirevka is a sign that Russia is coming to the Nikolaev region. For good.

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