About the Situation near Kharkov

NEW – September 8, 2022

After yesterday’s Ukrainian offensive, which ended with at least a partial occupation of Balakleya and the approach of the UAF forces to the suburbs of Kupyansk, a serious threat to Izyum has been created. Especially if the enemy came out to Kunya, but at least at the moment the Ukrainians failed to do this.

At night and this afternoon, the Izyum garrison inflicted and continues to inflict the heaviest artillery strikes on enemy clusters in the south of Izyum, where the Ukrainians deployed in attacking formations yesterday (they did not abandon their intentions). The enemy conducted disturbing fire on Izyum themselves, in the forests on the border of the DPR and the Kharkov region, our soldiers fought, but they did not miss the enemy. The Ukrainians tried to attack the forest, got a good kicking and moved back.

Blue arrows – UAF offensive, red – Russian defence

Army aviation struck at clusters of UAF equipment in the area of Staroverovka, and in general there are a lot of aviation in the sky today. But we must take into account that the Ukrainians go through forest plantations or in small mobile groups, to some extent levelling the consequences of the FAB-500 arrivals.

Kupyansk is preparing for defence and I hope they took into account the bitter experience of the previous days. Izyum itself is also preparing for defence, the Ukrainians, in turn, are trying to cut roads and isolate our garrisons. The UAF hasn’t yet brought all the reserves into battle, and as I think, at night and in the next few days they will try to hammer at us with high-precision shells of barrel and rocket artillery, fortunately the Excaliburs have already been brought to them.

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If someone thinks that the Izyum warriors are in a panic, then they are seriously mistaken. Yes, the first part of the battle, to put it mildly, was not in our favour, but this happens in war, and military luck is an extremely windy young lady. The main thing now is a competent analysis of what happened and correctly drawn conclusions from it. The enemy will be defeated in any case, and the slap received is simply obliged to bring to life those who broke away from reality.

Starshe Eddy

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