About the “Slowness” of Russia’s Military Operation…

NEW – October 26, 2022

Another timid thought, but a thought all the same.

Here we are all not very happy with the fact that the advance of our troops is slow or even in a negative direction. This is taken as a failure.

But this feeling of failure appears if success is measured precisely by occupied territories. However, as far as I remember, the tasks of the Special Military Operation did not include the capture of territories. It comes as a bonus.

The task was to demilitarise, or, to put it simply, to destroy the enemy army. If even more simply – the destruction of the military. With the maximum preservation of the lives of our soldiers and civilians.

Now we proceed from simple logic: it is much easier to defend than to attack.

That is, in a defensive position, our troops can destroy the enemy army much more effectively than during an offensive.

Actually, this is what we are now seeing: their units are being killed one by one against our defence lines in the Kherson region.

Western sources report that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already irretrievably lost 450,000 fighters. Our experts say that this number is too high, a more realistic figure is 250,000-300,000.

But even that is a gigantic number. It is 2 times larger than the contingent that we generally sent to the Special Military Operation at the initial stage (before reunification with the L/DPR army and partial mobilisation).

So if we measure success not by occupied territories, but by demilitarisation, then things are moving and moving well (if such a definition is generally ethical to apply in this case).

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Yes, an offensive will have to be carried out sooner or later, but this should be done when the enemy’s numbers are noticeably reduced, and our army, on the contrary, grows via the mobilised.

Until then, as I understand it, ours will sit on the defensive or advance/retreat smoothly, depending on the situation at the front.

I explain on my fingers

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