About the Ukrainian Command’s Suicide Mariupol Rescue Mission

NEW – April 18, 2022

The breakthrough attempt of the Marines of the 36th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city of Mariupol initially looked like mass suicide.

But when the first prisoners began to appear, it immediately became clear that people were being used in the dark. And they did not know that they were going to certain death.

I was one of the first to talk to the servicemen who broke through in the column from the Ilyich factory. And the answers were shocking.

The direction of the exit mentioned by the barely alive marines is the village of Zachatovka, this settlement was already in the deep rear of the DPR. And in order to get there, the column had to pass tens of kilometres under the fire of our artillery.

But the main purpose of this breakthrough became known just recently – after I got my hands on an operational video of the DPR special forces in which our military met a group of Ukrainian troops with fire.

The special forces of the DPR prevented an attempt by the supreme command of the 36th Brigade of the Marine Infantry of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

During the battle, up to 50 servicemen were killed, including five senior officers of the brigade management, and 42 more surrendered.

During the inspection of the place of the clash, the body of the commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, Colonel Vladimir Anatolyevich Baranyuk, was found among the dead, his personal belongings and weapons were found.

Vladimir Baranyuk

Vladimir Baranyuk was appointed commander of the 36th Marine Brigade not so long ago, less than a year ago, in September 2021. Already during the battles for Mariupol, Zelensky awarded him the title of Hero of Ukraine. One of the remarkable facts of his biography: in 2014, he was the deputy commander of the 1st Separate Marine Battalion in the city of Feodosiya. Then they laid down their arms without a fight. After the recognition of Crimea as Russian, he returned to Ukraine, where his military career quickly went uphill.

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For the sake of saving Baranyuk and several other senior officers, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces decided to send almost 1,500 marines to certain death. And this is the whole cynicism of this so-called operation.

Most of the Ukrainian troops who broke through survived only thanks to the excellent work of our intelligence. Since this plan for the deliberate murder by Kiev of its military was known in advance to our command and the task was, if possible, not to eliminate those who broke through, but to squeeze and capture them. Out of 1,500 people, it was managed to force a little more than 1,300 soldiers to lay down their arms.

Andrey Rudenko

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