About The US Election…

Everything that happens in the US presidential election should be carefully documented for one simple reason. Already in 2021, in Russia, at the State Duma election and then at the presidential election in 2024, all those people who are now tolerantly covering their eyes to what is happening in the Citadel of Democracy will start talking about the illegitimacy of the election, violations, stuffing, etc. Echoing them in unison, the western media will helpfully draw pictures of the oppression of rights and freedoms, citing the example of you know what country. And at this point, the collected facts will be very useful. Because in comparison with the American elections, even a shell game is a win-win situation.

The swan song of the entire process is certainly the mail-in vote and 100 million Americans who voted early (three times more than in 2016!). The desire for democratic processes was so great that an elector who died eight years ago voted in New York. And Republican candidate David Andahl, who died in October due to coronavirus, was safely elected in the North Dakota House of Representatives. Against this background, even a fake polling station in California seems like a mere trifle.

The media writes that the FBI is investigating a precedent with millions of calls to Americans to “stay at home”. Estimate the scale. And where are the more than 300,000 ballots that US citizens sent by mail and which are “lost” by the postal service, according to Associated Press? If they didn’t go to the election commissions, where are they? Given that a number of states will continue to accept ballots even after election day (if they have a postmark with the date no later than November 3rd), won’t they show up, for example, in Pennsylvania?

The most accurate description of what is happening was given by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani: “Greed was more important than patriotism. Hatred was more important than the good of the country. This is the central point of this election.” It’s even strange that his interview for RT hasn’t yet been banned — they probably missed it.

Well, for us, today’s America is an occasion to take a different look at the electoral system in Russia. At more than 97,000 polling stations, of which 40,000 were equipped with online cameras. And I do not know what is more painful for world democracy: Russia’s primacy in developing a coronavirus vaccine or the obvious leadership in the issue of election transparency after today? Probably the latter, because now a truly democratic election is also Russia.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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