“Absurd” Genocide: The German Chancellor Does Not See a Problem in Mass Murder?

NEW – March 7, 2022

The deep contradictions between Russia and the West, among other things, are explained by the fact that foreign partners refuse to take seriously the tragedy experienced by our people.

“This is, of course, absurd.”

During the visit to Moscow of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who was trying to find common ground to defuse the situation, they talked about assessing what is happening in Donbass. Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a press conference following the talks, noted: “According to our estimates, what is happening in Donbass today is genocide”. Scholz made it clear that he did not agree with such an interpretation, but did not go deeper.

But at the Munich Security Conference, Scholz, as is said, spoke for all the money. “Genocide is taking place in Donbass – this is, of course, absurd,” the German chancellor announced. “He (Putin – ed) always refers to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, where NATO allegedly acted as an aggressor. I tell him that we tried to stop the genocide.”

In general, the behaviour of the new German chancellor towards Russia is, to put it mildly, strange. Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Scholz said: “Germany intends to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and Russia must recognise that power is in the truth, and not vice versa.” That is, the West has appropriated the right to determine what is genocide and what is not, and also declared itself the only source of truth.

14 million, which Europe does not remember

It’s amazing that neither Germany in general nor Europe in particular is shocked that Chancellor Scholz allows himself to put the words “genocide” and “absurd” next to each other when it comes to Russians.

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Recall that the losses of the civilian population of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War amounted, according to the most conservative estimates, to about 14 million people. More than 2 million people were victims of forced labour in Germany, more than 4 million died of hunger and disease, and over 7 million were purposefully exterminated by the Nazis and their accomplices. Women and children died in the camps, they were burned alive by whole villages, shot, suffocated with gas in “gas vans”. Nazi Germany launched an unprecedented scale of terror against civilians, which, nevertheless, is not perceived as genocide in modern Europe. Unlike the Holocaust.

The logic is simple and cynical – they say that Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews in Europe completely, but the plans for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians were more modest. Partial destruction, partial eviction, transformation into wordless slaves deprived of their own culture.

The Soviet Union, being a strong and powerful state, considered it beneath its dignity to remind about the catastrophe experienced at all corners. And today in Europe and the US, having heard the number of losses, they often simply do not believe them. And a paradoxical situation develops — if the same Scholz allows himself to use the words “absurd” and “Holocaust” next to each other, his political career will come to an end. But the German chancellor is not afraid to say this in connection with Russia, because it does not have any serious consequences.

How Berlin divided the survivors of the blockade on a national basis

At the end of 2021, the German authorities decided on additional compensation for those who survived the siege of the city on the Neva by Hitler’s troops. The Commission on Jewish Material Claims against Germany on its official website reported that negotiations with the German authorities led to the appointment of pensions to 6,500 citizens who suffered from Nazism. Payments will be assigned to persons who spent at least three months in Leningrad during the blockade; who lived from April 1, 1941 to August 31, 1944 for at least three consecutive months under occupation within the borders of Romania until April 1, 1941; for at least three months who have lived underground in France, including with access to the outside world.

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The president of the Commission on Jewish Material Claims , Gideon Taylor , stated: “As this last generation of survivors ages, their needs increase. Even 75 years after the Holocaust, these symbolic payments provide recognition and return to the survivors a piece of dignity that was taken away from them in their youth.”

At the same time, it is difficult not to pay attention to the fact that the Germans divide the victims of the blockade into different categories. It is clear that Berlin is not eager to pay for the sins of the Nazis today, but to take and divide the survivors by nationality is just something from the practice of the late Fuhrer.

Historical lessons forgotten?

But there was no scandal in Germany about this. As it has not happened in all the years that Berlin covers the current Kiev regime, although the legalisation of neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine is an open secret.

Germany could have stopped all this at the very beginning — it was enough, being the guarantor of the agreement on the peaceful settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine in February 2021, to refuse recognition to those who came to power by the hands of neo-Nazi militants. If Turchynov, Yatsenyuk and company were then without international support and funding, there would be no war in Donbass at all.

Instead, the West has been indulging Kiev for eight years, hoping that Russia will accept and make concessions. Scholz’s words about the “absurdity” of the allegations of genocide in Donbass free the hands of Ukrainian radicals for new crimes. But politicians, as if rolling back 80 years, do not see this as a problem.

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So, the historical lessons are either not learned, or forgotten.

Andrey Sidorchik

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