Act 26 of Yellow Vests in Nantes: Pistol, Assault Rifle, Water Cannon, Tear Gas

For Act 9 of Yellow Vests CRS pulled out their assault rifles. And in Nantes, for Act 26, they re-emerged. It seems that it was the same model that was seen during Act 9 in Paris, namely an automatic HK G36 assault rifle.

This photo was captured from the video of Stephanie Roy from the 14th second after a “Cnews” reporter was shot in the stomach by a flash ball shot.

On Twitter there was a lot of reaction to the fact that even in Act 9 the assault rifles were out. At the time it was a HK-G36 automatic assault rifle.

During Act 9 of Yellow Vests, in Montpellier, the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI), a specialised unit of the anti-terrorist police, fired a shotgun with plastic ammunition called “bean bags”.

Since the beginning of the demonstration, police violence rained down on the Yellow Vests. On social networks there are many videos and testimonials. And for good reason, In Nantes, the mobilisation was massive this May 11th for Act 26 of the Yellow Vests.

It is in the center of Nantes that the repression was the most fierce. From the beginning of the demonstration, the forces of repression remained in contact with the demonstrators, and the situation quickly became very tense.

At Quai de la Fosse a motorist was angry after he had received tear gas. A policeman then pulled out his firearm. His colleagues fired tear gas at the protesters.

In the next video, we see the scene in full. The display of a pistol was a threat following the quasi-arrest of the motorist, who was accompanied by his children.

After, the police forces repressed the demonstrators with water cannons and tear gas.

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