Act 27 of Yellow Vests: On the Eve of European Elections

After six months of mobilisation, the Yellow Vests are still present by the thousands in the streets. For act 27, the national calls to meet in Reims and Nancy, and the events organised in many cities in France, a week before the European elections, are once again a very clear response to Macron for the fact that he said that he has “brought answers”

While almost all the media agencies start the sempiternal refrain of “the movement losses impetus”, it is clear that after 6 long months of demonstrations, clashes, and blockades, the thousands of people still present in Paris in front of Total’s head office on the morning of May 18th, in Reims, or in Nancy are far from being convinced by the few crumbs that Macron has thrown at them.

The latter considers indeed “to have brought answers to the French men and women”. He said on May 17th, live from the G7, “we did our share of the work, now everyone must go to the polls, and when one carries ideas, one must stand for election”. But in reality, the still very strong determination of the Yellow Vests is especially the expression of the fact that the bet of Macron to put an end to the anger with the grand debate and the resulting measures. The European elections should be the crowning of his strategy to open year two of his five years.

It was a day also marked by police violence: live on TV, a peaceful woman passing by was thrown violently on the ground by a policeman.

In Lens, Street Medics were robbed of their equipment. “The police are taking away our material.” Four of them were placed in police custody.

It’s suffice to say that this will be won … Especially since anger is still smouldering with the Yellow Vests demonstrations that find in many cities rallies organised by the “World March against Monsanto/Bayer, who protest against the climatic and human ravages caused by the agro-food industry. The President’s insistent call for “everyone to return to the course of their lives” is unfortunately in vain.

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