Act of Terrorism in St. Petersburg Was Done for a Maidan in Moscow

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The act of terrorism in the subway of St. Petersburg is one more manifestation of total war that is waged against Russia by liberals, and the globalists standing behind them.

We regularly hear the reasoning of some “experts” that for the prevention of a Maidan in Russia it is necessary to raise the standard of living and to fight against corruption. This is a stupid illusion.

Firstly, the fight against corruption in Russia is ongoing, just for the last year there is a heap of symbolic detentions, starting with “anti-corruptioner” Navalny’s friend Belykh and finishing with the minister Ulyukaev. But for Maidanists it isn’t important, the reality isn’t important, they simply need a pretext for attempts at destabilization and the seizure of power.

Secondly, the carried-out sociology and numerous interviews with “protesters” show that they DON’T belong to socially unprotected segments of the population. There isn’t among them either the elderly with a minimal pension, workers whose salaries are delayed for half a year (I didn’t hear at all recently about such cases), or many-children mothers with hungry children.

No, the cannon fodder of Navalny are over the age of 18, the so-called creative class that are living off parents school students, students of prestigious universities, and “pseudo-truthful journalists”. None of them are starving, and the majority of them have iPhones of the latest generation.

As was stated by some interviewees “We came to make beautiful photos”. Corruption? Standard of living? Workplaces? This is not about them, it doesn’t really grab them and doesn’t interest them.

Corruption is only a pretext. If there will be not be corruption, they will find another pretext. If suddenly Medvedev is dismissed or imprisoned, they will demand Putin’s resignation.

“Power, let us drive” – we already passed through this. Back then it ended with the dismantlement of the USSR. I personally don’t want for the third time (the second is a disintegration of Ukraine) to endure in one life the disintegration of my state because of some zombie imbeciles.

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You want power – go about it in a lawful way: create a party, write program documents, be engaged in promoting your ideas (if, of course, you have any), participate in elections. However, victory in elections doesn’t shine for liberals, they discredited themselves too much. That’s why Maidan is the only chance for such degenerates.

Absolutely similarly, in the same China the main contingent of participants of the local “Maidan” was from among the students of the prestigious Universities of Hong Kong, which are living one tier better than the main population of China (and whose career prospects are much more).

In Libya, by the way, the social sphere was in general at the highest level. All the same, degenerates were found, thanks to which the country was disintegrated.

Thus, attempts at a State coup that are carried out according to manuals of “color revolutions” aren’t IN ANY WAY connected with the social and economic situation.

The hacked correspondence of some “Anti-corruption Foundation” employees that were released by hackers shows that for them, the organization of meetings and other protests is adjusted work that is well paid with western grants (the sharing of which causes rigid conflicts to take place very often), and you want to convince them with the growth of economic indicators? It doesn’t amuse you? It is the same as convincing tapeworms of their worth using analyses that shows their harm for health.

No, there are also useful little fools who sincerely trust Navalny. But all the organizational structure consists of cynical mercenaries who are not interested at all in neither Truth, Justice, nor the goodness of the State and its people. I.e. it absolutely doesn’t interest them.

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By the way, I deliberately communicated, in the aim of research, with a number of similar personages. None of them believe in Navalny’s victory in elections, and don’t even try to pretend to count on a legal change of power. As is known, there is only one alternative to elections – a State coup.

A conversation with one person was especially indicative. He complained to me that his refrigerator is empty. Putin is guilty, he probably came and ate everything. Or didn’t put anything in it. It has already been ten years since this person was employed, but he is involved exclusively in the organization of meetings. He refuses any work offers.

So, my dear children, they are not at all “protesters”. And dialogue with them is pointless, because they have neither positive programs of development, nor proposals on modernization, or responsible (and reasonable) demands.

It is a classical fifth column. Mercenaries ready “to sell the Motherland” for a small grant, to arrange in it an armed coup and civil war, to split it into parts and to give the remains for external management for the right to be gauleiters and supervisors.

And it is necessary to neutralize them not via negotiations and concessions, but corresponding actions for the implementation of legislation in the framework of the Criminal Code. Because their actions must be qualified as an “Attempt at a State coup”.

Actually, it is what was written before the explosions in the subway. And now let’s add the missing elements to the mosaic.

The explosions in the subway is the shaking of the situation. When they didn’t succeed to provoke the authorities into a forced dispersal of unauthorized meetings, when they didn’t succeed to create an image of the “regime’s atrocities”, when they didn’t succeed to frame the children – specially gathered for this aim – being bludgeoned (then to shout “they are just children”), Maidanists and the forces standing behind them were obliged to pass to acts of terrorism. All of these are links in the same chain.

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Moreover, liberal activists and bloggers in advance, before the explosions, received instructions (notorious “manuals”) on how to react to acts of terrorism. But due to natural stupidity they didn’t think to carry out a elementary rewriting of the text specified in the manuals.

Tuman: “After the explosion in the St. Petersburg subway, the line of the authorities’ behavior in relation to any mass actions is predetermined.”

Dmitry Gudkov: “After the explosion in the St. Petersburg subway, the line of the authorities’ behavior in relation to any mass actions is predetermined. I think in relation to other things too.”

Valery Solovey: “After the explosion in the St. Petersburg subway, the line of the authorities’ behavior in relation to any mass actions is predetermined. I think in relation to other things too.”

The full coincidence of the text specifies that the one who sent out these manuals to liberal bloggers was aware about acts of terrorism being prepared. And, quite possibly, was their client and/or organizer.

Liberals yearn for power at any cost. To set up children – please do. To arrange an act of terrorism – yes as much as necessary. Now we wait for stories “this is the result of Putin’s policies” and “it is Putin who blew it up to prevent Navalny from holding Maidan”. And we have to prepare ourselves for a further escalation.

Explosions in the St. Petersburg subway is a continuation of the war against Russia by liberals and the globalists standing behind them.

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