Activist Of “Mikhomaidan”: If We Don’t Remove Poroshenko by New Year, Then We Will Start to Take Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The camp of the so-called “Mikhomaidan” near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine continues to function even during the Christmas holidays. This was reported from the place of events by the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN).

It should be noted, the camp isn’t ready to offensive actions — most of the people dispersed to their warm Kiev apartments, and at the place only a few dozens of people are on duty – placed in 30 tents in Mariinsky park and on the square in front of the parliament. However, according to protesters, “all people in touch are also ready to act at any time”.

Moreover, certain leaders of the protest say that immediately after the New Year they go on an offensive and will overthrow the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“How do we feel? We want to overthrow this [Poroshenko]. So that in Ukraine there is order. Now it’s quiet, for now. If we don’t clean up before the New Year, then afterwards we will start to take Kiev. Indeed. Just in my unit there are 150 prepared people. The authorities know who I am, they are afraid of me. I am a commander of a sabotage and reconnaissance group, my callsign is ‘Ledokol’. $150,000 was put on my head,” said one of commanders of the camp to the correspondent of the FAN.

Protesters put up walls from snow around the camp and various garbage in the hope of repelling the expected police attack. At the same time, activists say that in the next few days no attacks are planned. This is connected to the scandal over the storm of the October Palace in Kiev last weekend, when the protest march ended with riots. The Ukrainian media savoured these riots all week as something unacceptable, although all the so-called “revolution of dignity” was nothing other than a series of occupations of State and private buildings.

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As a result, officials of the “Movement of New Forces” party – led by the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili – declared that they didn’t plan any protest actions in Kiev on Sunday, December 24th. The corresponding message was published on the official page of political force on Facebook.

“The ‘Movement of New Forces’ hasn’t organised any protest actions for Sunday, December 24th. We report that we have no relation to the organisation and holding of any actions planned this Sunday in the center of Kiev!” it is said in the message.

Tents of the camp are decorated with symbols of the organisations participating in the action and also a set of posters, slogans, and ancient rituals on which authors write treasured desires. The main slogan: “Ukraine without oligarchs!”.

In addition to this, it is possible to see other inscriptions, some of them are very touching: “2018 — a peremoga [victory – ed] of Ukraine over Russia”, “2018 — Ukraine is the leader in the development of science”, etc. On a large poster with an image of the photo of the President of Ukraine with the hand-written inscription: “Thief”, “Petro — run!”.

It is noteworthy that Mikheil Saakashvili couldn’t be found in the camp. As a reminder, the day prior the politician said that he has offers for the provision of nationality from several European countries, but he intends to defend his rights in Ukraine. Earlier, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko deprived the former head of the Odessa Regional State Administration of the Ukrainian citizenship.

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