Address of Ukrainian Political Prisoner Dmitry Vasilets to the World Community

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

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The mission of the modern Ukrainian courts is to prolong the measure of restraint and to not finish the consideration of the case in its essence! Because if no corpus delicti is present, to condemn innocent people will have consequences for them. They transfer the case from one court to another, cancel meetings, refuse consideration of the case, and the Prosecutor’s office again finds three immoral judges who are ready to prolong detention and to thus claim: “What did we do wrong? we still even haven’t examined the case, so we will do it during a year — and then we will see!”

Before the court session the courtroom was filled by persons in camouflage, who were going to defend public order, but it’s unclear from who. They had documents with some stamp of a public organization, but they insisted that they are from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Nevertheless, they fled when the lawyer Svetlana Novitskaya demanded that they present documents on the registration of their organization. While the representative Lutkovskoy, who was delegated to record human rights violations, decided that it is more pleasant for him to be on friendly terms with the accusing side, and argued, foaming at the mouth, with all attendees that these types in camouflage have the right to defend public order in court. So why then do we need the police?!!! Let’s disband them and we will economise the budget, because people in camouflage claim that they come voluntarily to defend public order in courts.

[The aforementioned men in camouflage can be seen in the photos above. They pretend to uphold public order, whilst in reality their sole aim is to put pressure on the judges so that Vasilets and Timonin remain behind bars.]

And the court, as always: three half-asleep people in cloaks, became animated only when the prosecutor verbally satisfied the claim to prolong the term of detention. The statement of the lawyer about the returning of the Indictment to 14 pages of text, in which she referred to the Rome convention and the decisions of the European court, they listened to half-asleep. The claim for changing the measure of restraint to bail, in which the lawyer, in addition to European norms, referred to the contents of the 15th report of the Commissioner of the UN on Human Rights in Ukraine, they didn’t even allow the lawyer to state! There, in 10 pages, it was chewed over that the judges severely violate the law, keeping people detained. Many courts released people on house arrests on bail, or simply didn’t prolong detention, and there is no measure of restraint for them. But, in the decision of the court, they refused to the lawyer to satisfy the claim for a change to the measure of restraint, which she didn’t even have the time to declare!

[Police van brings the political prisoners back to Zhitomir jail]

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