Aesthetics of Genocide: Kiev’s Pitiful Explanation for Why Donbass Calls the UAF “Fascists”

By Ollie Richardson

If the recent words of the instructor of the Ukrainian “ATO” forces Aleksandr Chetverikov on “Obozrevatel TV” are anything to go by, it would appear that the observers of the Ukrainian crisis who are familiar with the words “Bandera” and “Volyn” have seemingly been mistaken this whole time. According to him, militants of a “voluntary battalion” were very surprised when at the beginning of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”, before being sent to Donbass, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry provided them with “German uniforms”.

“When the ATO began, the first thing that surprised me at the time were the uniforms. Do you know what type we wore? Bundeswehr. Now tell me how we will be greeted in the Donetsk region wearing a German uniform?

Hence they called us fascists, because we were in a German uniform. Indeed, someone in the leadership of the Interior Ministry thought this through, someone signed the papers, someone sent us [the uniforms – ed].”

He also added that “only the German helmets and the ‘Schmeisser’ or ‘MP-40′ were missing.

What a revelation! It turns out that, apparently, the residents of Donbass greet their “liberators” with such pleasantries as “fascist” NOT because troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces openly flaunt swastikas and chant “Moskals on knives”, “Ukraine above all”, “Glory to nation”, etc whilst they fire MLRS Grad at residential areas, and NOT because the leaders of the “ATO” (Turchynov, Yatsenyuk, Lutsenko, Parubiy, Poroshenko, Bereza, etc) just as openly wax lyrical about the legacy of OUN-UPA and pogrom veterans like Petliura, BUT because of “German uniforms”.

In other words, a hundred years of history matter not, and the zombified consumers of State Department media (Espreso TV, Euromaidan Press, Channel 5, 112 Ukraine, ATO TV, etc) are expected to slurp up another serving of convenient lies. Maybe the UAF should wear these “brown” uniforms full time to offer complete historical accuracy?

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Just one problem with Chetverikov’s fable: where are the so-called “German uniforms” in the video below from Mairupol, 2014? It sounds like Kiev is running out of excuses…

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