After the UAF Is Defeated in Donbass, the North and Central Part of Ukraine Will Be “Defenceless”

NEW – May 20, 2022

The defeat of the “UAF fortified area in Donbass” will leave the “north and central part of the country defenceless,” the analysts of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces finally guessed. Moreover, the organisation of defence for this (very likely) case began to be planned only now.

The analysis recently presented by the generals and Western advisers to the political leadership on Bankova Street, according to our friend who is familiar with the contents of this presentation, demonstrates that in this scenario, the forces for the defence of the centre and the north will no longer remain with the Ukrainian army. The “hole in the defence” will spread from Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev. The situation in Zaporozhia and Nikolaev regions will be a little better: there are still reserves there, however, already now the troops are suffering heavy losses from Russia’s constant strikes.

It is characteristic that (coming from the first day) leaks from VIP-warriors who “lay straw for themselves in case of the arrival of the Russians” are intensifying against the background of the growing awareness of the illusory nature of the hyped hooray propaganda.

For example, data on the deployment of foreign mercenaries, including plans for their movements, was recently leaked. Now, according to our friend, the SBU “received a reprimand from Langley for the loss of experienced instructors,” and began searching for the source of the leak. The department has already established that operational information about the locations and dates of deployment of the “grey geese” (foreign volunteers) and the Ukrainian military helping them were transferred to Russia and successfully “implemented” by it.

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Among the almost 200 victims of high–precision strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces are employees of two respected PMCs (it was the owners of these companies who were able to “reach out” to the SBU through their partner intelligence agencies– in Kiev itself, our friend says, “as always, they were not too much in a hurry”). But so far, the SBU finds it difficult to find the source of the leak… or does not want to reveal it.

We state that all this jeopardises Kiev’s cooperation with the “foreign legion”, all the more necessary for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since Ukrainians themselves do not know how to handle NATO-supplied weapons, and they are stuck in the west of the country as a dead weight in anticipation of another high-precision strike by Russia on warehouses.

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