Aftermath of UAF Shelling of Residential Area in Makeevka

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Makeevka was heavily shelled by the UAF. In the Kirovsky district of the city several houses were damaged, and there are killed and wounded.

At the address #7 Gazetny lane, the chief physician of hospital of the Ministry of Interior Zhurbin Andrey Vladimirovich was killed, his 6-year-old child was injured, and his wife is in a state of shock. Another civilian was killed as a result of a hit on #10 Stroitel Street. Another hit was recorded on #73 Kokkinaki Street.

The gas supply in the area was disrupted, and electricity supply broken. Recovery work is being conducted. The pumping station, which provides water to Krasnogavdeyskoye district of Makeeevka was de-energised. Miners of the “Chaykino” mine were brought to the surface.

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