The “Aggressor Country” Paid Ukraine Much More for Gas Transit Than the IMF Did With Credits

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nikolay Azarov

A gift from the “aggressor” country…

Recently the head of Naftogaz provided data about the fact that Russia transferred to Ukraine [to the State, as is required by law – ed] $3 billion in 2017 as payment for gas transit. Think about those who continuously shout about “Russian aggression”.

The “aggressor” country transferred in 2017 more than the entire sum of credits of the IMF, help of the EU, and other credits combined, and this is despite the fact that Kiev persistently refuses to return the same $3 billion credit provided by Russia.

An incredible thing – the “aggressor” country transfers an enormous amount of money to its “enemy”. Let’s agree that something here isn’t quite right.

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