“Aidar” Flushes Its Foreign Mercenaries

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian nationalist “Aidar” battalion began to abandon their mercenaries and literally throw their ex-military staff onto the street.

One of these abandoned “Aidar” ex-fighters is the native of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mukhammad, who cannot receive refugee status in Ukraine.

“In 2011, I moved from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, got married, and now I have a daughter. I had a business, and they allowed me to work,” says Shavkat Mukhammad.

In Kazakhstan, from where Shavkat moved to Ukraine, he repeatedly opposed the judicial system of the country and even organized protests, and was detained by the Kazakh law enforcement officers. Some time later, they took away his passport and even threatened him with reprisals. Then friends of Mukhammad advised him to leave the country. So four years ago, Shavkat appeared in the Ukraine, whoever, according to him, there was no less corruption here.

“In Ukraine, the corruption is just the same. When the protests began, I simply came to see what was happening, then I joined it. Maidan, as was said to me, is freedom, absolute freedom,” said the ex-fighter of “Aidar”.

However, immediately after Maidan the man went to the ATO zone to fight for the very freedom that he was promised. However, after some time, instead of freedom, he received from the Ukrainian authorities the threat of deportation.

“We must force the government to work. Corruption turns a blind eye to corruption, as if it doesn’t notice it. Poroshenko and deputies know everything perfectly well, everything is clear and known to them. They are all accomplices, Mukhammad said.

Now the ex-fighter is appears on local radio and does not know where to go next. In Uzbekistan he is threatened with reprisals, in Kazakhstan he will be arrested, and Ukraine denied him asylum. The man thought about moving to Europe, but also there he is not allowed entry. He doesn’t speak about his problems to his family. He tells them that he is living in Kazakhstan off earnings, and doesn’t go home because of frequent business trips.

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