Ainur Kurmanov: An American Military-Biological Laboratory Caused the Measles Epidemic in Kazakhstan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


My friends and I constantly wrote and spoke about the activities of the American military reference laboratory in Almaty related to studying dangerous pathogens, opened by the authorities of Kazakhstan in 2016. Officials rejected all accusations made by public figures and environmentalists concerning the danger of this object, especially constructed with the money of the Pentagon in a seismodangerous zone and in a large megalopolis. Now employees of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan was obliged to admit that new toxic strains of the infectious measles disease were at first found in Ukraine, and that local vaccines are incapable of combatting them effectively.

Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan – training grounds for the use of biological weapons

Thus, the chairman of Committee for Public Health Protection of the Ministry of Healthcare and head state health officer of the country, Zhandarbek Bekshin, declared on January 29th that hi-tech research took place for the identification of the reasons for the emergence of measles strains not typical for Kazakhstan, and it showed that they are the cause of the epidemic in Ukraine.

“On January 24th we received the results of genomic research into pathogens that circulate among patients in Kazakhstan. Research showed that they are the same D8 and B3 strains that circulate in the European continent. We went further. More detailed research showed that strain ‘B’, which circulates most of all in Kazakhstan, has the genetic lines ‘Dublin’ and ‘Kabul’. From them ‘Kabul’ is especially very toxic. It caused an outbreak in Ukraine”

said the chief health officer of the country

According to medics, these two strains never circulated on the territory of Kazakhstan. Both vaccinated children and adults have no immunity against it. Experts consider that these are new strains that were deliberately developed in a laboratory, and are resistant to old vaccines and are designed for the carrying out of so-called tests regarding the possible future spreading of more dangerous diseases.

It is clear that measles is an illness that doesn’t lead to mass lethal cases, although during complications it can strongly affect the nervous system, kidneys, liver, immune system, and is very dangerous especially for children. But, it is on the example of this infectious disease, modified in American military laboratories, that mechanisms for the spread of more dangerous diseases on the territories of the former republics of the Soviet Union – Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan – are now being tested over the ocean.

These countries border Russia, and Kazakhstan also borders China. The genotype of the local population is close to the genotype of the inhabitants living in the Russian Federation, and therefore they are extremely convenient for testing techniques and technologies for the spreading of epidemics, and also the analysis of behaviour and dynamics of the spreading of these or those diseases. Also, western intelligence agencies are trying to discover for themselves the ability of local health systems to resist and quickly cope with an epidemic.

At the same time, this is also the verification of the healthcare system and epidemiological services in Russia, since it was supposed to spread measles Northwards from the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia, like from springboards. As is known, in the Russian Federation, medics managed to quickly develop a highly effective vaccine that protects against the Ukrainian “Dublin” and “Kabul” strains. And vice versa, the epidemiological services of Ukraine and Kazakhstan showed their ineffectiveness, since in the same Ukraine more than 40,000 children fell ill.

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In Kazakhstan the officials of the Ministry of Healthcare are constantly confused about figures, declaring either 910 cases or 950 cases, obviously manipulating statistics and their calculations. The matter is that medics hospitalise all who are suspected of contracting measles, but give official data only about those persons whose illness is proved by a laboratory. I.e., those who are in quarantine in hospitals are many times more than 950 citizens. And the chief health officer of Kazakhstan was silent for five days, having in his hands data about new strains of measles, but on the contrary, assured that there is no epidemic in the country.

At first the official media explained mass infection with measles by referring to the refusal of parents to vaccinate their children because of their religious views, but people immediately started to say on social networks that refusing vaccinations and blood transfusions is uncharacteristic of the Islamic tradition. Now it becomes clear that old vaccines in general are ineffective and couldn’t protect against “Ukrainian” measles. Then officials started to stir the pot to the level of panic, when doctors started to every day urge citizens to vaccinate themselves, however they failed to mention that this time a vaccine had been delivered from Russia in large quantities.

Also, being afraid that the “Georgian” flu will spread, all citizens of Georgia at the airport of Astana are without fail checked by health officers regarding increased temperature, and special sensors for the identification of sick passengers were even installed in the terminal. It proves that the authorities of Kazakhstan are perfectly informed about the threats proceeding from the activity of US military-biological laboratories in Ukraine, Georgia, and in their country in Almaty, but prefer to suppress this subject, inventing stupid stories.

The most interesting thing is that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) issued a special danger warning concerning the risk of catching measles and even included Kazakhstan in the list of countries where there is a biological threat for American citizens. American epidemiologists strongly recommend to their citizens to undergo obligatory vaccination before a trip to Kazakhstan and even hung up a scheme of vaccination showing the schedule and types of vaccines for each age category. CDCP even assigned a green colour indicating the level of threat to its warning.

In fact, this indirectly proves the US’ involvement in the spreading of this mass epidemic of measles. It is possible to draw the conclusion that in practice, they aren’t “Ukrainian” strains at all, but very American ones and were simultaneously planted in three republics from dangerous pathogen reference laboratories. The Kazakhstan authorities now try to tell us that these “Dublin” and “Kabul” strains of measles entered the country as a result of immigration, i.e., because of the mass arrival of infected Ukrainian citizens. But this is simply ridiculous! Where can Ukrainians be found in the remote auls of Atyrau, Mangistau, Turkestani, Almaty, and Akmola regions? They fell from the moon?

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It is noteworthy that the first outbreak of measles, like the meningitis epidemic a year ago, was noted in Almaty and the Almaty region, where a reference laboratory with dual purpose expensive equipment worth $130 million is located. And it is precisely from here that Astana and the remote regions and auls of the country caught measles, and meningitis before this. And in a way that is not at all different too!

Why did the Pentagon create a military-biological laboratory in Almaty?

Military scientists of the US, using their diplomatic status as a shield, test artificially created viruses in Pentagon laboratories in 25 countries (the countries of the former USSR -Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine [three laboratories]; the Middle East; Southeast Asia; Africa), subjecting 100,000 thousands people to injections allegedly against dangerous pathogens and diseases. And we, Kazakhstan citizens, have long been “guinea pigs”. If we remember the mass outbreaks of meningitis last year and their lethal outcomes, and also the case of hundreds of thousands of Saiga antelope being culled a few years ago and the appearance of centers of atypical diseases or those that were eradicated long ago, everything immediately falls into place.

It is also necessary to consider that Kazakhstan is a territory where natural pathogens of terrible diseases are bedded, such as Anthrax, the plague, and many other types. Their artificial modified variants can strike millions of people, animals, and plants, and also undermine the agriculture and national economy, and the territory of our state can become a springboard for spreading these diseases to the neighbouring countries of Central Asia, China, Iran, and Russia. Especially since Kazakhstan is a participant country of the EAES, the Customs Union, the CSTO, and the SCO, and thus many barriers have been eased or eliminated.

For me personally, what’s most sad is that the extensive experience and practice of Soviet scientific epidemiologists, biologists, medics, as well as the gene material of diseases collected over nearly 70 years of activity and the fight against epidemics in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, fell into the hands of the Pentagon. After all, the American military established this laboratory in Almaty on the foundations of the anti-plague research institute liquidated by the authorities of “independent” Kazakhstan. Of course, nobody consulted either the scientific community or the residents of Almaty, or even the local authorities, because this establishment, designed to create biological weapons, was opened under the personal order of Nursultan Nazarbayev!

It is clear that this became the result not of a momentary decision, but a long many-year journey towards the liquidation of still Soviet research institutes and the general process of degrading domestic science, education, culture, and the active repartition of the property of scientific research institutes that were closed down. Once upon a time we actively supported between 2010-2013 the fight of workers from the “Research Institute of Skin and Venereal Diseases” (RISVD) against the liquidation of their institution, which took place with variable success with the help of officials of the Ministry of Healthcare and the family of the head of state, who coveted the land and buildings of RISVD in Alma-Ata.

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The fact that this could lead to a catastrophe didn’t concern anybody in Astana or Ak Orda. Although the candidate of medical sciences of RISVD Azizov Davlet stated that “the consequence of the closure of RISVD will be the liquidation of the Skin and Venereal service, which will cause a whole surge of skin diseases in Kazakhstan”. But the most horrible thing nevertheless happened. The Kazakhstan authorities not just closed, but transferred all the practices not only of the anti-plague institute, but also of other medical-scientific research institutes of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, into the hands of US military-biologists!

That’s why all of us are in the zone of a biological and environmental catastrophe postponed in time, and we were turned into one big training ground for the testing of new pathogens on us and the local fauna, and soon we will become a theater and territory of future military operations, which, as we know, today are hybrid in nature. This “bomb” will cover both us and millions of the residents of the bordering states. Will we really continue to be silent and quietly swallow again, like we did in 2017 with the creation of a burial ground for the radioactive waste of American and Japanese nuclear power plants and a center of low-enriched uranium in Eastern Kazakhstan constructed on the money of the US, the EU, and Saudi Arabia?

What should be done

It is clear that the Kazakhstan authorities didn’t and don’t intend to hold any “referenda”. Although several years ago the residents of Almaty were polled by the “Kazakhstan Today” agency, and 92% of respondents answered “no” to the question “Do you agree with the creation and presence in Almaty of an American biolaboratory for especially dangerous infections?”

But it is possible to self-organise in initiative groups on social networks even now, creating specialised pages, organising video broadcasts, and recording videos and disseminating them on YouTube.

As a result, already now it is quite possible to create an initiative group of real retired or acting medics, biologists, and journalists who are capable of starting such an information campaign and collecting materials and also sending inquiries to various scientific research institutes of the CIS countries and EAES about the possible danger of such an American military-biological laboratory. I think that it is quite feasible! The most important thing that should be understood is that it is necessary to actively raise the demand for the complete elimination of the biological bomb in Almaty!

And the next demand should logically be the destruction of the nuclear burial ground, the center of low-enriched uranium in Oskemen, and other military and semi-military organisations of the US and NATO on the territory of Kazakhstan, and also the termination of the transit of freight for the war against the people of Afghanistan.


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