“Akademik Chersky”, Protected by Combat Ships, Hurries to the Baltic Sea: The Clouds Above “Nord Stream 2” Are Clearing

Not as malicious pleasure, but as a statement of fact: coronavirus forced the US to postpone the habit of meddling in the affairs of others in its own interests, and this will clearly affect the completion of Nord Stream-2. Washington has too many problems, and energy consumption has declined multiple times, as has their price. Behind this distraction, “Akademik Chersky”, capable of completing the gas pipeline, imperceptibly hurries to the Baltic Sea.

It’s a sin to not take advantage of the lack of attention being paid to NS-2, but Russia has still insured itself as much as possible. “Academician Chersky” came out towards the Baltic Sea more than a month ago from Nakhodka, and goes along a confusing route to avoid provocations or an enemy’s trap. At the same time, “Chersky” is accompanied throughout by Russian combat ships. At the moment, the ship is under the cover of the ocean rescue tug “Nikolay Chiker” and the guard ship “Yaroslav the Wise”. “Chersky” is expected on May 2 in the port of Kaliningrad for final modernisation for the required type of deep-sea pipe laying work.

The newest medium sea tanker “Academician Pashin” will be able to help in escorting “Akademik Chersky” through the English Channel. As we remember, the British are known for some “inhospitality” in light of the British special forces seizing the tanker ship “Grace 1” in the summer of 2019. This happened in the international waters of the Strait of Gibraltar. The tanker allegedly belonged to Russian Titan Shipping Line and, according to London, transported oil from Iran to Syria bypassing EU sanctions. “Akademik Pashin” is already in place and waiting for the group in the English Channel. The more our ships go with the assembly vessel through the strait – the better.

Such protection of “Chersky” demonstrates the special value of the ship for us. It must at all costs reach the waters of the Baltic Sea, hence such a powerful escort. So no one would even think of sinking it. Now, behind the world’s coronavirus distraction, we can make the most of the resulting “political vacuum”. Liquified natural gas supplies from the US to the EU have become meaningless at current prices. Germany is actively fussing about the withdrawal of SP-2 from the European Energy Package, which in the present conditions also looks easier. The Russian pipe layer passed 85% of the way from the Far East, approaching the end point of the journey. It seems that clouds are really clearing over Nord Stream-2.

Kireyevskiye telezhki (Zen Yandex)

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