Al Jazeera’s Skype Call to An “East Aleppo Resident” – a New Low Point for Pro-Terrorist Propaganda

By Ollie Richardson

It would appear that Bana from Aleppo has competition for the crown of “biggest clown on the Internet”. While the portrayed narrative of her being on the run from Assad with a smartphone in one hand and a solar panel in the other is facepalm-worthy enough, it turns out that the bar of State Department propaganda can in fact go even lower. It is necessary to look no further than the Salafist “news” agency Al Jazeera (AJ) to witness the new apogee of ridiculousness.

AJ’s fake Aleppo hospital scene on the 25th of September, 2016, certainly made people smile, or at least one extra involved in the mise-en-scene. Shortly after releasing the video online, AJ edited it accordingly, removing the incriminating frames. Unfortunately for AJ, the damage had already been done, not that their reputation could go any lower.

But lo and behold, somehow AJ managed to achieve a new level of embarrassment on the 5th of December, 2016. What was supposed to be a live Skype chat with an “East Aleppo resident”, turned into an absolute car crash. The leading star – a Mr “Abdulkafi Alhamdo” – and the AJ anchor Julie MacDonald managed to keep the segment going for nearly 3 minutes, but in all honesty it was better for everyone concerned if the “connection was lost” after 5 seconds. The standard of acting is an insult to anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size, and makes the White Helmets look like Pinewood Studios. 

After watching this debacle it can be concluded that the “moderate” rebels and the whole “last hospital in East Aleppo” charade has run out of steam, and now the propaganda has taken a totally hysterical form. There is nothing left to play for  – Russia et al will fully liberate Aleppo before Trump takes office, and Mosul will soon be terrorist free. Turkey has flushed its proxies in Aleppo, and even the “Free Syrian Army” is now squabbling with their al-Nusra comrades.

Al Jazeera closed down its operations in the US, but it would be better if they closed them down worldwide. The comments to the AJ video below testify to the fact that the last 15+ years of post 9/11 mainstream media conditioning is starting to wear off, and what worked yesterday will not work today

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